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How Well Do You Know Your Common Church Music Terminology?

Although music has no doubt been an important part of life for many cultures since antiquity, it was in the hands of the Western Christian Church that music underwent important developments that were to send it on a series of courses leading ...

The Beginnings of Blue Danube Waltz

Johann Strauss’ most famous composition was perhaps his most signal failure. Immediately after Austria had been defeated by the Prussians in 1866, The Blue Danube Waltz was composed.At the first performance, it was performed with a chorus ...

Step Into the Music: A Teacher's Recital Message to Students and Audience

In every music program, the theme reaches out to the audience through the message of the music director or the teacher. It is always part of the SOP of most concerts, including ours, to have a message printed for the performers and the audience. ...

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