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Added: June 30, 2011
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A Crisis In Need Of Attention

The Horn of Africa is facing the biggest drought it’s seen in years, with a current estimate of twelve million people in urgent need of aid. Yet the problems do not stop there. A recent report by the Amnesty International has stated that the ...

It's People Power What Done It

The NoW scandal that has been happening all week has finally resulted in NoW closing and stopping production on Sunday 10th July.168 years of history has come to a dramatic end but the potential fall out of the NoW acts and accusations of phone ...

Davis V Wind Turbines: What The Outcome Could Mean.

Earlier this week, a two week landmark High Court case was started between Jane and Julian Davis and Fenland Windfarms, EDF Energy PLC and Fenland Green Power regarding the level of noise that wind turbines make, and how much this has affected ...

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