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A spiritual and science blog that takes a deeper look at the connection tween the both.
Added: May 17, 2017
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DMT – Thinking Of Doing it?

N,N-dimethlytryptamine (DMT) Alexander Mandragon Doesn’t Endorse Drug Taking You’ve All Heard Rumours That Smoking Cannabis Is A Gateway To Harder Drugs, Right? Well, DMT (one of the strongest hallucinogens known to man) has the opposite... The ...

Sparkplug – Shadows Within A Dream #1

Shadows Within A Dream – (Part 1) Summer 1981, Northern England I was lucky growing up, unlike some I had a loving family. Sure, there were times where frustration would get the better of us,... The post Sparkplug – Shadows Within A Dream ...

Fate In A World Of Choices

Thinking Out Loud #10 Is Fate Set In Stone Or could there be a balance between what is, and what could be? After all, we make our own choices, we choose our own path. I... The post Fate In A World Of Choices appeared first on Alexander Mand ...

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