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A spiritual and science blog that takes a deeper look at the connection tween the both.
Added: May 17, 2017
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How to Terraform A World – Conspiracy Over Time

Conspiracy Over Time It would seem when it comes to our ancient history, using logic to piece evidence together no longer applies. We rather tell stories and call them proof, than actually saying, “ancient people were... The post How to Terraform ...

Is There Power Within A Name?

Ever wondered why the likes of Volkswagen (VW) has so many Brands under its belt? If so, it’s your lucky day! It comes down to line extensions. It’s far easier to release a new product... The post Is There Power Within A Name? appeared first ...

Sparkplug #3

Sparkplug Chapter 33 Standing At The Gate North Wales. UK. Clayton paced in front of the stone circle, glancing down towards the remaining soldiers fighting by the tree line. Behind him, from the center of... The post Sparkplug #3 appeared first ...

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