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On Financial Risk Statements, Part 1

Most formal statements on financial risk are useless to their users. Why? They are written in a language that average people and many regulators don’t speak. They often don’t define what they are trying to avoid in any significant way. ...

Have Your Cake, Eat It Too, And End Up With Only Crumbs

Beware when the geniuses show up in finance. “I can make your money work harder!” some may say, and the simple-minded say, “Make the money sweat, man!  We have retirements to fund, and precious little time to do it!” Those th

Should Jim Cramer Sell TheStreet or Quit CNBC?

Like my friend Josh Brown does, I often don’t know where I will end when I start writing… I know I have something to say, given my own time writing for, and now having publicly written on financial matters for over eleven ...

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