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Added: September 05, 2012
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Egypt: Revolution 2.0 ahead? (Part II)

The turmoil that has recently engulfed the political scene in Egypt is rapidly escalating with potential for more violence to transpire in the coming days. The security situation, especially in down town Cairo, is largely being compromised ...

Egypt: Revolution 2.0 ahead? (Part I)

The situation on the ground in Egypt continues to intensify with ongoing demonstrations over the past two weeks. Many are calling for Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, to step down subsequent to his power sweeping ...

‘Islamophobic’ film sparks unrest in the Middle East and North Africa

A provocative film, labelled islamophobic and deemed to be offensive to Muslims, has triggered a series of violent protests in the Middle East and North Africa. An already volatile region is now being struck by another destabilizing phenomenon ...

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