Covers different aspects of Agile Project Management and such as user stories, team motivation and working with the customer.
Added: March 19, 2010
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Agile Fatigue

Agile is an excellent development methodology, responsive to business changes with quick turnaround and highly visible results. The concept is in widespread use, particularly in software development, but having implemented Agile almost from ...

Out of Iteration Software Bugs

I did a presentation last week at an Agile event and during the Q and A session one of the questions was about “out of iteration bugs”. Specifically how are they handled? Good question, not all the bugs found in a software project will come ...

To Squawk or not to Squawk

The daily standup meeting is one of the core concepts of Scrum. In the meeting the team members talk about just three things: What I did yesterday What am I doing today What are my impediments And that’s it…