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Added: April 23, 2010
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BinaryTrees For Rescue

When ArrayLists become big reverse lookups like indexOf, lastIndexOf, contains and the modifications methods can slow down your program. When order is not important, you might use a HashMap. In some other cases you have a constant key-value, ...

DCI and actifsource

In my last post I introduced the modified DCI meta model. Let's have a look at a simple example.The use case we would like to implement is to transfer money from a money source to a money sink. MoneySource and MoneySink are specific roles, played ...

The DCI Meta Model

In my previous blog I promised to work out a meta model to realize the DCI architecture. As explained before I've made a slight modification: a UseCase is modeled as its own entity.UseCaseA UseCase is business relevant code which needs different ...