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Poop Cake

Originally Published At: They Call Me Dad Imagine if you will your favorite type of cake. Lets say it is chocolate or strawberry. Now lets imagine that the best baker on the planet is going to make you this cake. The best of everything a truly ...

NaNoWriMo Kick Off – Pathfinder: Affinity

What is NaNoWriMo Well today I start on my fourth attempt at writing a book. Why tomorrow you ask? Well it is because tomorrow starts the month long event of NaNoWriMo an event where a mere mortal writes a 50K word book in a month. It seems ...


The very attractive receptionist handed Jon Derch a bag with the Rancor-Tech logo on it. Bright red and all seeing. “Here is your ID, Rancor-Tech issue phone and hold out your left fore arm.” She held out her hand suggesting he should place ...

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