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Added: February 22, 2017
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He Sat Crying

He Sat Crying He sat crying in the garage for a little while he cried. A mind like an otherworldly accuser constantly on him. You are always on the bad side of things. He is so young still in elementary school but he is smart. He can’t seem ...


When the wind blows through trees or the earth is kicked up but subterranean movements humanity writes poetry. We story tell. We lament in the streets. We gird ourselves for war. We right songs and books to fire from our guns. We aim those guns ...

Step Forward Into The Hurt

When you have to step forward even knowing full and well that it will hurt like you know it will hurt. Imagine you have done 150 air squats and it is the day after and your DOMs is so profound that when you use your quads (The large muscles ...

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