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And So We Are Pruned

We Have Eben-Ezers For Children An Eben-Ezer is a pile of stones that followers of God would raise at locations of significance. Abraham raised one at the location where he was asked to sacrifice Isac, Gideon raised one where he met the angel, ...

My Children Love Games and I Hate Tyranny

My children love games. Video games, hide and go seek, made up games that always end in tragedy and board games. Recently my boys hit the age where their cognitive skills far out weigh the intrigue cooties can bring and they have craved more ...

Niblit – I Don’t Owe You

What Was Niblit Niblit started out as this thought that I might read more if I suddenly built a website around my reading. Well I have kids, so I read more but still don’t have the time or wherewithal to write a book review or report. So Niblit ...

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