We are three queer sri lankan women who think. Aappathachchiya is our blog.
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Queer is normal – Payal Dhar’s Eternal World

“Well, irrespective of what anyone says,” said Noah, “Stephen’s family consists of Jan. All right? Stephen and Jan.” [13 year old] Maya digested that. “Stephen and Jan?” she repeated. “Are you sure? They’re always fighting”. ...

Two worlds, three women

1. When I was younger I was married for around six or seven years. I remember this as being one of the happiest times of my life, for three reasons. One was because the man concerned was an unusual one -talented, confident and quite comfortable ...

Everyone wants to be a lesbian

So what’s going on with all these men pretending to be lesbians online? Like we don’t have enough trials of our own to be going on with, now we have to spend time trying to figure out if that increasingly interesting online chat is being ...

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