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This blog is a place where I can explore the genres that music snobs pretend to hate and post playlists to demonstrate why these snobs should in fact enjoy the music I have learned to find value in
Added: September 28, 2009
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New Blog!

So sorry to disappoint all you all that were hoping I'd revive this bad boy once I got some time... But that just ain't gonna happen I've decided. Not because I don't like blogging about music, I've just grown bored with this format. So to ramble ...

Should I re-enter the world of Blogging?

It's a good question, I clearly haven't posted anything in a good long while... So should I give this ol' girl a nice little kick start once again? Maybe with a little format change as I am currently lacking my music library? What do all you ...

Another Side to Punk

So I got to thinking, there are a lot of good side-projects that come out of punk bands. Punk is such a basic genre that often times members will get bored and explore other mediums to create a message through. Now with this being the heaviest ...

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