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This is my personal writing blog. I write when I'm inspired or feel the need to express. I like to experiment with different styles of writing.
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Coming Home

Is it I that changed or the people around me? Perhaps I’ve been the same and found comfort and understanding from travelers which the homeowners lack. One thing is for sure- they have always been boring, I only realize it when I compare them ...


I realize each day how privileged I am, Each day, more and more. Privileged to have loved. Privileged to have lost. To encounter first would problems, And not even cry over spilled alcohol. To choose what I want to eat, or simply to taste. The ...

Your everyday bitch

When you break down, I’m here to cuddle you. When you need support, I voice my confidence in you. because you are backed into a corner, I have to feel like shit. because you don’t know what you want, I have to wait forever. You can’

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