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My own private view about things on this Earth, focusing on my born-with obsessions: England, language, companies, art, medias, football, politics, girls, happy homosexuals and rare animals of Botswana.
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The Garage Band Experience

Do you know what a garage band is? Of course you do. It's a band playing in a garage, that is to say an amateur band practicing their skills in some remote basement with no audience at all (apart maybe from the lead singer's girlfriend lying ...

Figures of today: the man-machine

Ever heard of Kraftwerk? Of course you have. It was this famous German electronic band of the mid-70's who set the sonic blueprint for the New Wave and techno music of the decades to come. Their 1978 album "The Man-Machine" was the peak of their ...

Figures of today: the terrorist

The terrorist will be second on the "Figures of today" list. And why is that? Because he asked for it - quicker than the bank advisor, who will get the third spot.The terrorist isn't really a new figure in our 21th century fucked-up world. But ...

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