This is my attempt to make sense of religion and the supernatural from an atheist's point of view. Articles range from critiques of topical news stories to full length essays on religious and political issues.
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Final Post and New Blog

This will be the last ever post on A Load of Bright. I am starting a new blog today called One for One, for reasons that I explain in my Inaugural Post.  I will be writing under the handle tobyselwyn, my real name. I thoroughly enjoyed the ...

Tim Minchin and a Brief Update

Greetings to you all, that is to any readers who are still here and still awake.  I have risen from my own slumber but suspect that this will, alas, be a brief return.  My reason for writing after so long is simply too important for me not ...

On Patriotism

I am a proud Englishman. Or, at least, I used to be. Today, I’m just a proud human being. In my late teens and early twenties I was passionately patriotic, with a huge St George’s Cross flag hanging menacingly from my bedroom wall, and England ...