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My blog is just a general blog about me! the more you read the more you will know about me. so off you go!
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The Evolution of #HaltonHour

What the fudge is a #hashtag?Before I go on to mention #HaltonHour, I should elaborate on what an actual hashtag is, for those that don't know. It might be something that you have seen a lot and just never paid attention to, or it might have ...

What's been happening at Hazlehurst Studios?

Greetings Chums, Hope everyone is fair to middling out there in the aether? For those that don't know, I have been a wee bit ill the past month or so, and I am awaiting surgery next week! It was meant to be over and done with by now, but surgery ...

A Masterclass in Crochet by Carys Anne Hughes

My lovely studio chum Carys Anne Hughes is running a Crochet Masterclass at our studio home Hazlehurst Studios on March the 15thI wish I could say that I can crochet, but alas I cannot, not even one stitch! There was a time that I could knit, ...

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