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Part 898sd – Smith Doret - Searching For The Origins of GGG-Grandmother Marie Ann (née Doret) Smith

Good Day, I remembered that France's archives for 100th Department, the one I used to find the documentation regarding our July family may be up online. The 100th Department is d'Outre-Mer. I thought that if I was able to use it for French ...

Part 897sd – Smith Doret – Another Examination of the 1818 Indenture – Property Acquisition

Good Day: I, (Thank you Steve and Peter), have been jolted back into the realm of my/our genealogy looking for any idea or thought that may lead me/us to find the origins of my/our GGG-grandparents James and Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith. On the ...

Part 896s – Smith Robertson – The Search Continues for GGG-Grandfather James Smith – 1798/9

Good Day, And The St. George’s Chronicle and Grenada Gazette dated Friday June 8, 1798; No. 484 provides additional and possible thought in the search for the ancestry of GGG-Grandfather James Smith. My transcription – THE Sub?criber having ...