A Genealogy Hunt

A Genealogy Hunt
Added: September 08, 2010
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Part 914sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Another DNA 111 Marker Match

Good Day, I just received news from Family Tree DNA that my Smith Y-DNA has another 111-Marker match. This time with a 9 Genetic Distance. The match is one John Faree Follis. This now makes that I have 8 relatively close 111 Y-DNA marker matches.And ...

Part 913bf – Brunhammer Fürst – 1818 GGGGG-Grandmother Anne Marie Bruhamer's Passing

Good Day,Last night flipping through electronic pages of the digitized images of Baptism, Marriage, and Death registers I was able to find the Death Registration for GGGGG-(5-times)-Great-Grandmother Anne Marie (née Fürst) Bruhamer. She passed ...

Part 912b – Brunhammer Plus – An Updated Brunhammer Genealogy Ancestry Chart

Good Day, PC’s back in working order. It appeared that one of the voltage spikes that occurred during the wait for the electricity to come back on after the storm may have fried a couple of circuit boards. I've been asked by a number of you ...

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