33 And A Third

Brew your own mp3s for pennies! The nuts & bolts of transferring a music collection from vinyl record albums to mp3.
Added: June 02, 2006
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Quiet! We're Broadcastin' Here!

I have a ton of songs on my computer...last count: 3,938. Figure a half a pound a song, you're talking literally almost a ton of songs. The little Sony speakers that came with my "emachine" (what a great name, bet someone in Marketing got a ...

The Church of Rock & Roll

On this beautiful Sunday morning I want to take the opportunity to reaffirm my belief that 99-percent of the love, peace and happiness in the world is contained within the grooves of the standard Long Playing Record. May it rest in peace.I've ...

Review: Golden Records

I'm already on record with Audacity being my favorite software for recording audio files. If I'm recording an album with some pops and clicks I then save the Audacity file to wav and run it through ClickRepair. I'll then save my repaired wav ...

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