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The Ten Most Insane Car Crashes Ever

Most of us have been in fender benders and car crashes, but how many of us can say that we were in such a serious car crash that it made a top ten list? Well the folks (who lived) on this list can! Let’s all strap in and adjust our mirrors, ...

China Turns on North Korea and it’s Kind of a Big Deal

As a small isolationist country with very little power, North Korea has still somehow managed to gain a bit of power in its area of the world. It has created a relationship with both Japan and China. China in fact has supported North Korea for ...

Declassified: 9 Amazing Military Technologies of the Future

Ever wonder where exactly your tax dollars go when they are handed to the military and military weapons development agencies? Wonder no longer. Although this is just a glimpse at the vast range of new technologies being created to help our soldiers ...

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