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1.  Gum trees and Galaxies

Gum trees and Galaxies

A pair of empty-nested Australians explore places far from the city in this travel blog that goes off the beaten path. It’s more of a glamping travel blog as they make their way around in a teardrop camper. Discover Australian wildlife at its finest as you get a chance to travel to the bush without your passport through these travel stories.

2.  One Mile at a Time

One Mile at a Time

A travel blog with perceptive travel advice regarding airport lounges, airlines, plus how to save money on air travel. Quirky and fun reviews about things travelers want to know from hotels to redeeming points.

3.  Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a travel blogger that focuses on helping others travel the best way possible while spending the least. With valuable tips and tricks every traveler can use, you’ll learn how to budget while getting to travel the world even to places you thought you couldn’t afford. For those that want to save money on travels, this is the best travel blog.

4.  Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate

Solo female travel blogger Kate takes you with her on her epic adventures around the world. It’s one of the blogs to follow for women interested in solo female travel as you’ll not only find out the best places to visit and what to do, but you’ll also discover valuable tips about keeping safe everywhere you go. Travel all over the world with Kate giving you guidance on how to go about the world on your own and love it.

5.  Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond

From a digital nomad named Matt, you’ll discover stunning travel photography to feast your eyes upon in this travel blog. Go around the globe on a visual adventure while this professional travel blog covers all kinds of ground. From personal stories of his experiences to useful travel tips, this expert vagabond covers it all in this travel advice blog.

6.  The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

This solo female travel blogger goes by the name of Kiki and is ready to show you how to break out of the boring confines of life and embrace one revolving around travel. With stunning photography of her adventures, this social media darling has you covered with helpful hints for every type of solo traveler so you can catch the travel bug yourself. Use it to help you with planning a trip that’s perfect for you.

7.  Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler is one of the best travel blogs for solo travelers because it goes beyond blogging. It’s a community that joins you with others that feel as passionately about solo travel as you do. In addition to helpful travel advice and blog posts, you can exchange tips with others, offer suggestions, and get the encouragement you need to grab your passport and jet off to the locale of your dreams.

8.  Maptia


Offering a more journalistic approach to travel blogging, Maptia creates empathy for other cultures around the world through vivid stories and photography. Documenting these people and places in rich detail also weaves a tapestry of fascinating stories to connect us all with a deeper meaning to our travels. You’ll see both beauty and sorrow in these travel tales that will encourage you to make a difference when you roam the globe.

9.  Travel Codex

Travel Codex

Straightforward travel guides and tips about everything from getting there to destinations. See all travel loyalty programs, choose the perfect travel credit card, and make the most of future travel plans all in one place.

10.  Travel Off Path

Travel Off Path

Inspired by spontaneity, this blog revolves around embracing minimalism while seeking the freedom of travel. Learn more about travel hacks, destination guides, trending travel news, and other travel essentials.

11.  Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

As one of the best travel blogs around the world, Wandering Earl brings you over 20 years of travel experiences to help you see the world. Not only will you smile while reading it but you’ll also gain confidence for your travels. Read blog posts, find travel resources, and get the best travel advice to plan the adventure of your dreams while staying entertained.

12.  Tanzania Odyssey

Tanzania Odyssey

Detailed Tanzania Safari Blog including Zanzibar holiday info

13.  Ordinary Traveler Blog

Ordinary Traveler Blog

Blog on travel with an emphasis on extraordinary photography plus useful travel tips and advice. It features personal stories on balancing home life along with the urge to travel and how to make the most of being in different lands.

14.  Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller

Perhaps you recognize Oneika from social media and the Travel Channel. As a journalist and Instagram personality, she offers up excellent travel tips and tricks plus life and style tips. This travel blog also features a section for traveling while black and travel stories that will help you make the most of your travels in the safest way possible.

15.  BucketListly Blog

BucketListly Blog

As the name somewhat implies this travel blog features lists for every digital nomad and those seeking travel guides and itineraries for far and away from lands. With excellent travel photography, Peter keeps things exciting while tearing into adventure abroad. The tips you’ll learn will help you set yourself free and choose your travel adventures around the globe with confidence.

16.  Africa Safari Blog

Africa Safari Blog

Blog from all the Lodges in Africa and the Indian Ocean

17.  Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road

Notes From The Road takes a unique approach to travel blogging. While there are travel tips on how to organize and stories about travels, the hand-drawn illustrations add a special and personal feel that brings you along for the adventure. Go beyond just top travel sites to explore and see things from a whole new perspective to inspire your travel.

18.  Maui Blog

Maui Blog

Discover Maui and get insider tips from this side of Hawaii. Everything from fun activities, shopping, nightlife, restaurants is covered along with the best this vacation paradise has to offer.

For those dreaming of travel to Hawaii, this blog is the place to start. You’ll find the best things to occupy your time in Maui as well as the rest of Hawaii. All information and travel tips are kept current and provided by local insiders to give you the best guidance. Most people wait a lifetime to go to Hawaii so use this blog to help you plan your travels there

19.  Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo encourages others to chase their adventures for travel inspiration and travel tips. Likening it to a learning experience will help you get lost in the world in the best way possible, digging into change, new places, and enjoying meeting new faces all in one.

20.  ItsAllBee


Need travel tips? Then look no further than ItsAllbee. Bianca shares travel tips on her travel blog; a gateway to all those that want to see the world, whether in heels or hiking boots. From London To Paris and from Cape Town to Cairo. Experiencing travel from luxury hotels, hostels to exploring in a campervan in places like Iceland.

21.  Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam is a travel blog featuring our detailed itineraries, helpful insights, and highlights from our adventures around the world.

Our passion for travel drives us to seek out destinations that appeal to our interest in history, culture, and natural scenery; places that have a story to tell, people to meet, and a rare landscape to discover.

We created Anywhere We Roam to share our passion for travel. To inspire you to venture to amazing places – armed with some practical advice – and have a truly unique travel experience.

So, fire up a screen and grab a Melbourne-quality flat white. Read our stories, explore our itineraries, find out more about us and our passion for travel. Follow us on social media and plan your next travel adventure.

22.  Ski Armadillo

Ski Armadillo

Ski Armadillo is the leading Ski Chalet operator in Verbier, Switzerland. They pride themselves on having luxury accommodation and excellent service to match. SkiArmadillo offers 5-star accommodation, food, and drink - all at an affordable price.

23.  Idyllic Pursuit

Idyllic Pursuit

The secret to telling a great story is living one, and this blog proves it through first-person accounts of international travels along with travel advice. The world comes alive in this charming blog written by a self-professed digital nomad.

24.  Lili's Travel Plans

Lili's Travel Plans

If you’re tired of polished Instagram posts, this blog is the no-frills travel blog for you! Lili jetted off to Tanzania and stayed there where she shares her rich adventure stories that are real and compelling. A traveler for other travelers, she encourages others to leave behind the grind and embrace travel and personality.

25.  Vegas Savvy

Vegas Savvy

The Vegas Savvy Blog is dedicated to providing helpful tips and reviews to make your Vegas vacation a great one. Looks for articles on restaurants and dining, hotels, attractions and activities, getting around, The Strip and Fremont St.

26.  Blogger at Large

Blogger at Large

Megan says it best with her “Travel inspiration made easy” tagline in this passionate travel blog. Daring to help others open their eyes to the world, this travel blogger and radio travel correspondent has gobs of tips to share in well over 900 different blog posts designed to help you with your travel plans, find tips and tricks, plan itineraries, and find great places to stay.

27.  Travel Blogger Buzz

Travel Blogger Buzz

Curating the best web links on travel, personal finance, miles and points, and more.

28.  Boundless Roads

Boundless Roads

Boundless Roads is a travel site written by a solo female traveler and digital nomad with the purpose to inspire other female travelers to live their best life on the road, whether they want to pursue the digital nomad life or simply travel alone.

29.  Gay Travel Information

Gay Travel Information

Reviews on where to stay, eat, play, and more.

30.  My Virtual Vacations

My Virtual Vacations

Reviews, information, and pictures for upscale family vacations on land and sea. Great tips for family travel throughout. Through a website and blog, explore cruise ships, destinations, resorts, restaurants, and more. You'll find up-to-date information including menus and programs.

31.  Put-in-Bay Ohio’s Tourist Information Center

Put-in-Bay Ohio’s Tourist Information Center

Ohio's Put-in-Bay is an online tourist information center for one of the most popular tourists attraction and vacation destinations in the midwest that's now hosting well over one million visitors each year—This Lake Erie Island is a must-see!

32.  Things to do in Valencia

Things to do in Valencia

33.  This Could Lead To Anywhere

This Could Lead To Anywhere

Travel blog from Kate about her home in the North East of England and 12 years of travel around the world. Part-time travel with full-time work, promoting understanding of history, culture and our amazing planet.

34.  Morocco tours

Morocco tours

Best Morocco tours and Customized desert trips

35.  Orvieto or Bust:

Orvieto or Bust:

36.  GnomeTrotting


37.  DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN - A photographer's travel blog

DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN - A photographer's travel blog

Meet Sean Brown, travel blogger, photographer, and author of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN - a travel blog featuring dark tourism, disaster tourism, wildlife, nature, and UNESCO sites.

38.  Deceptively Blonde (Blog)

Deceptively Blonde (Blog)

Meandering thoughts of a wandering blonde abroad in Asia. Updates about all sorts of fun and interesting findings including travel, history, culture, art, law, business, fashion, cooking, and more.

39.  Livable Landscape

Livable Landscape

A travel blog on the most interesting places in the world to live or visits. From tree house hotels to underwater stays, this blog reviews the places you never knew existed!

40.  Anna Meanders

Anna Meanders

Anna Meanders is a Kiwi travel blogger in love with all things delicious. She has a fondness for Mexico, Martinique, and other sunny spots starting with M. These are her thoughts, guides, recipes & notes from a life of travel

41.  Personalized Morocco Tours Packages

Personalized Morocco Tours Packages

Zayan Travel is made up of accomplished local experts who know Morocco best. We have more on-the-ground knowledge than any other tour company. If experience matters most, then we stand above the rest. We pride ourselves in being a local, sustainable, and responsible Moroccan tour operator. We'd like to invite you to travel to Morocco for an experience you’ll always treasure!

42.  Hollywood LA Nightlife 2017 Nightclubs Events Guide

Hollywood LA Nightlife 2017 Nightclubs Events Guide

Hollywood LA Nightclub Events Guide: Current LA top clubs, bottle service Los Angeles, events happening now LA nightlife destinations, best Hollywood club events, where to club party LA, and everything LA clubbing nightlife related.

43.  Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales

Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales

44.  Let's travel to Mexico

Let's travel to Mexico

A site dedicated to Traveling to Mexico on and off the beaten path with lots of practical tips on having the best adventure in Mexico, visiting the most incredible places while staying safe.

45.  Wandering China

Wandering China

Responses and insights on mainstream, political, and social media Chinese news, as well as online reports viewed from an Australian perspective.

46.  Itching For Hitching

Itching For Hitching

47.  Do it in Tuscany - Private tours, outdoor activities, and services

Do it in Tuscany - Private tours, outdoor activities, and services

48.  Gorilla Walking Safaris

Gorilla Walking Safaris

Gorilla Walking Safaris endeavors to pay attention in detail that every Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda safaris or our Conservation & sustainability projects run smooth. We pride ourselves in our creativity, passion, exclusivity, and teamwork demonstrating that you are in capable hands. For a fact we guarantee it!
Uganda is a land of contrasts. From the longest river in the world to the lush green but still virgin rain forests, home to Africa’s highest density of primates including chimpanzees and endangered Mountain Gorillas

49.  Airports and Sunsets

Airports and Sunsets

Family travel stories, photos, tips, and recommendations

50.  Our Unique Blog

Our Unique Blog

Learn how to have fun while traveling in Scotland. Know which castles to visit, book a cottage, join festivals, discover new adventures, and discover Scotland’s rich history.

51.  Assorted Aspen

Assorted Aspen

Assorted Aspen, Colorado activities, events, and daily life

52.  Travel Adventures with Joshua Vignona

Travel Adventures with Joshua Vignona

Joshua Vignona shares travel tips, adventure photos, and insights into interesting destinations around the world!

53.  Marie Rowe Travel Blog

Marie Rowe Travel Blog

Travel Blog

54.  #bizleisure Business Travel Blog by Josh Vignona

#bizleisure Business Travel Blog by Josh Vignona

I’m Josh Vignona and #bizleisure has become a lifestyle. Don’t have the foggiest idea what that is? All things considered, it’s a LIFEstyle that I decide to live by. Being a business explorer doesn’t need to mean letting your life pass you by out the window of a plane or at the lodging bar. For me, business travel life is tied in with living at the time and place you are in and getting a charge out of the entirety of the encounters that encompass my day. Follow my Blog and Social Media to learn everything about it!

55.  The Jet Set

The Jet Set

The Jet Set, is a TV show hosted by Bobby Laurie and Nikki Noya, offering travel news, lifestyle trends, guests, travel booking, and destination features shot on-location.

56.  Laura Elisa Ben x Johnny Crepes

Laura Elisa Ben x Johnny Crepes

Laura Elisa Ben is a personal blog about my travel adventures and my love for history, art, and fashion

57.  Disneyland VIP Tours | Southern California Private Tours

Disneyland VIP Tours | Southern California Private Tours

VIP Tours Of Disneyland & Disney California Adventure.
Our VIP Private Tours are designed to help you enjoy all the "must-do's" in just the first 6 hours of the day. Your family or group will have hours left during the rest of the day to do anything you like, such as spending a little more time in the park, or heading back to the hotel to cool off at the pool!

58.  Gap Yearing

Gap Yearing

Travel doesn't need to be expensive, difficult, or short term. Advice on making your gap year or long-term travel better.

59.  India Travels

India Travels

This blog is about my journey back to my home after spending a year in Canada and about the various places I visited and explored back home. It showcases my travel experiences in India to which you all will be able to relate. It also talks about the various emotions one has who is living away from home. I have decided now that I am going to travel each and every corner of India and thus my blog can help you decide which places you want to visit according to your taste.

60.  wePhilistines


61.  Amsterdam Red Light Blog

Amsterdam Red Light Blog

62.  Colors and Coordinates

Colors and Coordinates

63.  Always Enough Time

Always Enough Time

For years I didn't travel, there was always something that got in the way. Something needed to be paid or work needed to be done or... the excuses were endless. But I came to realize that they were just excuses. There is always enough time if you really want to.
I am not the type of person who will give up work and travel the world. The truth is I (mostly) like my life and where I live. The blog is focused on making the most of your time while you are on holiday and getting some insight into the things you can do while there.

64.  Crashing A Bike

Crashing A Bike

A fun look at learning life in New Zealand. Contains scenes that some may find spectacular.

65.  Words of Pen

New York, NY, USA
Words of Pen

Words of Pen is an outsource service provider, mainly on content creation. We have excellent content writing experience which is highly rated by our trusted readers. We are a group of dynamic and meticulous people whose main focus is providing quality content regarding Beauty, Health, Fitness, Food, Travel, Teach & Electronics, Finance, Reviews, Life, Happiness, Motivation, Politics, Culture, Sports, and many more.

66.  Living With the Travel Bug

Living With the Travel Bug

Living With the Travel Bug

67.  Go Every Place

Go Every Place

An adventure travel blog with anecdotes and guides from around the world.

68.  UCan2


I am a third culture kid who is moving to Canada from the USA. This is my experience of moving, along with tidbits of wisdom I have gained from living overseas.

69.  Llama Socks

Llama Socks

Llama Socks is a free online adventure guide and travel blog for all those little llamas out there looking for a taste of the unfamiliar.