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Tinfoil My Life

The term "tinfoil hat" was to describe paranoid conspiracists that wanted to shield their brains from mind control, electromagnetic waves, and more. Today, while not reading our minds, it is no conspiracy that big tech companies are spying on us and gathering as much data as possible to profit from us in several ways. Put a tinfoil hat on your digital self today and get some privacy back!

Best Businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan

A ranked directory of the very best small businesses located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Count Words online

Tool to count words and charters online. If your are working as a author, blogger, your sudying or just writing you can use our tool in an easy way. We build something greate that give you the oportunity to count words of each text you can finde online. Also we give you the opiton to find out the keywords density of your text. Therfor we build the SEO Word Counter tool. Each SEO or online marketer know how important the correct keyword density is. So Check it out and leave us a feedback.

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