1.  Law.com


2.  John Foy & Associates

John Foy & Associates

John Foy and his associate team of lawyers specialize in Personal Injury Law and Insurance Law. Their law firm represents victims of car accidents, injury by negligence, wrongful death, catastrophic injury cases and punitive damages.

3.  Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire

Brian J. Zeiger, Esquire

Brian J. Zeiger is a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney with many years of experience. He has never been a prosecutor and has always been a zealous advocate of for his clients.

4.  Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman

Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman is a criminal defense law firm based out of Los Angeles, California and serving clients throughout the surrounding areas of southern California through multiple office locations. The firm is a full-service criminal defense firm offering comprehensive services and representation for clients facing all types of criminal charges. Founding attorney Daniel R. Perlman has been featured in many prominent media outlets, including regular appearances as a legal commentator for E! Entertainment (tv, radio and online).

5.  Rafi Law Firm

Rafi Law Firm

Mike Rafi, a dedicated car accident lawyer in Atlanta, has seen first-hand how car accidents can affect people’s lives. Mike will help his clients seek the compensation they deserve. Mike Rafi and his team of experienced car accident attorneys believe in maximizing the value of every case they work on to help alleviate their clients’ financial and emotional burden.

6.  Pinney Talfourd

Pinney Talfourd

Pinney Talfourd is a full-service law firm / solicitors based in Essex and London.

7.  Lawyers Weekly Jobs

Lawyers Weekly Jobs

Lawyers Weekly Jobs provides articles and updates for those seeking employment in the legal industry.

8.  Orent Law Offices, PLC

Orent Law Offices, PLC

Orent Law Offices, PLC is one of the top criminal defense firms in Phoenix, AZ. Craig Orent has been practicing law for over 30 years and is regarded by his peers as one of the best criminal lawyers in Arizona. With experience handling thousands of cases, Craig has helped people facing all kinds of criminal charges, including domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

9.  The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A.

The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A.

The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A. is a criminal defense law firm serving Miami-Dade County, Florida, and Broward County, Florida. Attorney Eric Matheny is a former Miami-Dade County prosecutor representing clients charged with all misdemeanor and felony offenses. Attorney Eric Matheny has represented clients charged with DUI, driving while license suspended (DWLS), reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident (hit & run), drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking, drug cultivation (marijuana grow house), burglary, petit theft, grand theft, fraud, armed robbery, sexual battery, and domestic violence offenses. Eric Matheny also represents clients in restraining order/injunction matters, as well as the sealing or expunging of criminal records throughout the State of Florida.

10.  Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich

Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich

11.  Wichita Attorneys

Wichita Attorneys

The Attorneys at Joseph Hollander & Craft Offer Quality Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Divorce & Family Law, White Collar Criminal Defense, Employment Law, Immigration, Computer Crimes, Professional Discipline and is Kansas's Trusted Criminal DUI Defense Team.

12.  Kansas City DUI Defense Team

Kansas City DUI Defense Team

The official website of Joseph Hollander & Craft Lawyers and Counselors, a team of DUI defense attorneys offering information about DUI laws, news articles, helpful tips, and more.

13.  East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin

Publishes legal news from East Timor (Timor-Leste) in English.

14.  The Law Offices of Steven Kellis

The Law Offices of Steven Kellis

With 25 years of experience in DUI law, Steven Kellis is more than qualified to defend your case. He’ll diligently research the details of your case, including breath and blood test results, the events during and after your arrest, and more to ensure a thorough review of your situation. Because our practice is limited to Pennsylvania DUI defense, we know exactly what steps to take to boost your chances of an acquittal. When you hire Steven Kellis, you’re partnering with a skilled and meticulous DUI legal team that cares for their clients.

15.  seattle, washington medical malpractice lawyer

seattle, washington medical malpractice lawyer

Multi-awarded Perey Law Group specializes in handling medical malpractice, car/truck accidents, nursing home incidents, drowning accidents, defective products, wrongful death and other personal injury cases.

16.  Korol & Velen

Korol & Velen

The lawyers of the Law Offices of Korol & Velen are devoted exclusively to the practice of family law. They handle any complex or high net-worth divorce cases. You can rest assured that when you come to us for help, an attorney who is certified as a family law specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization* will handle your case — start to finish.

17.  Law Offices of Korol & Velen

Law Offices of Korol & Velen

Los Angeles Family Law specialists that can handle complex divorce cases, child custody and support appeals, paternity issues, pre & post nuptial agreements, and domestic violence cases.

18.  DroneLaw.Pro - Protecting Your Rights in the Air

DroneLaw.Pro - Protecting Your Rights in the Air

Drone Law Team provides help with any legal issues associated with drones – its flight operations, industry standards, permissions, contracting agreements, trademark protections and airspace authorization.

19.  Dallas Disability Lawyer

Dallas Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability: Only ONLY Business since 1991.

20.  Get Free Legal Advice Online

Get Free Legal Advice Online

Free legal resource site that also features an "ask a lawyer" live chat with real lawyers across the US.

21.  Coover Law Firm, LLC

Coover Law Firm, LLC

If you need legal assistance in a business law, real estate, family law or any Maryland civil matter, the Coover Law Firm in Columbia can help you. Attorney Fred Coover has 30 years of experience covering a wide range of matters in Maryland family law and civil litigation.

22.  Haug Law Group

Haug Law Group

James established his firm with one principal in mind, to recover the most potential out of each and every case and establishing Haug Law Group as one of the best trial firms in the state. Every day each member of Haug Law Group strives to attain this goal while providing the most communicative and open firm.

23.  LawyerUp


Need Legal Help? Lawyer Up Helps You Get in Touch with an Experienced Attorney!

24.  Help Lawyer

Help Lawyer

Law Firm Content Marketing platform for lawyers and law firms to be able to amplify and distribute their legal content and increasing their online legal brand. This allows members of the public who may be looking for a law firm to represent them can make an informed decision based on the quality content within many verticals.

25.  Simon Resnik Hayes LLP

Simon Resnik Hayes LLP

At Simon Resnik Hayes LLP, we work with people and small businesses to find debt relief and mortgage solutions that give them financial breathing room to make a fresh start. Through bankruptcy, loan modification and other alternatives, we can help you stop foreclosure, repossession and garnishment. There is a reason we are known as the “home savers” in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties.

26.  Christina Pendleton & Associates, PLLC Virginia Injury Blog

Christina Pendleton & Associates, PLLC Virginia Injury Blog

The official website of the Pendleton Law Team from Richmond, Virginia, providing article resources on personal injury law, recovery, client’s rights, and insurance company claims.

27.  My AZ Lawyers

My AZ Lawyers

When you choose a lawyer to represent you, experience and training matters. My AZ Lawyers is comprised of lawyers with the experience and expert training that you need. Their experience gives them far greater insights than what education can provide, which makes them better prepared to represent you to get you the best outcomes possible when dealing with the many things that life sends your way.

Our trusted Mesa lawyers excel at guiding clients past the strong emotions to realistic and detailed agreements, but our trial lawyers have many years of extensive courtroom experience to protect you in contested proceedings. Your rights and needs are at the forefront of the desired outcome when we deal with your case.

Our lawyers also have experience and expert training in their practice areas, which include:

DUI and DWI Defense
Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, and 13
Criminal Defense
Custody and Family Law Matters

My AZ Lawyers
1731 W Baseline Rd #101
Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone: 480-448-9800
Website: https://myazlawyers.com/

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28.  Law Offices of Jon G. Brooks

Law Offices of Jon G. Brooks

The law offices of Jon G. Brooks specializes in cases such as bankruptcy, home foreclosure, collection lawsuits, car repossession, wage garnishments, judgement liens, tax debts, and debt relief.

29.  Wandres Law

Wandres Law

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wandres Law, PC advocates for individuals, families and businesses throughout our great state. Our clients have come to rely on our know-how and experience in Personal Injury, Labor & Employment Law, Business Law, Civil & Commercial Litigation, as well as Estate Planning. We are passionate Oklahoma attorneys and recognize our responsibility to keep our clients informed, to ease their fears, and to be available when questions arise. We pride ourselves not only in our successes in obtaining excellent results, but also in our ability to earn the trust of our clients by making this painful experience as positive as possible.

30.  Superior Law Center

Superior Law Center

If you have been accused of a crime, don’t wait to contact the Superior Law Center for the tough criminal defense you need to avoid a conviction. 

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, you will be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve when you call a San Diego criminal defense attorney at Superior Law Center. 

The firm excels at building unique and customized defense strategies for every client, and they are available to assist you 24/7. Call and set up a free initial consultation today!

31.  Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

If you have received a DUI in Los Angeles County, there is much on the line your driving record, your reputation and your freedom. We know the DUI courts and can make the right moves to put you in the best position. We offer a free case evaluation 24/7.

32.  Bayda Disability Law Firm

Bayda Disability Law Firm

Calgary Disability Lawyers are ready to assist in disability claimants for long term insurance claims and entitled benefits. Services include proper documentation and free general advice.

33.  Litigation Financing with Pravati Capital

Litigation Financing with Pravati Capital

When it is time to grow your firm and offer expanded services to your clients, you need to take on an innovative partner like Pravati Capital. For more than a decade, the industry experts at Pravati Capital have been developing solutions for capital distribution to law firms for mature personal injury and mass tort cases with a high likelihood of winning and an established precedent for settlement.

34.  Rome, Clifford, Katz & Koerner LLP

Rome, Clifford, Katz & Koerner LLP

Rome, Clifford, Katz & Koerner is a firm of attorneys that service business and personal clients in a wide range of legal matters including workers compensation and personal injury claims. The firm is based in Suffield, CT.

35.  TestifyingExpert.com


A feature-packed resource where expert witnesses, consultants, and legal support services can share their expertise.

36.  Kenneth D. Teak, Attorney

Kenneth D. Teak, Attorney

37.  California Immigration Attorneys

California Immigration Attorneys

Certified Immigration Attorneys providing information, consultation, and representation for individuals, families and businesses seeking residency in the United States.

38.  Litigation Financing with Verum

Litigation Financing with Verum

Servicing law firms in need of capital for growth, litigation, and hiring needs.

39.  Sinel & Olesen, PLLC

Sinel & Olesen, PLLC

Our legal team knows how to handle all types of bedsore cases, and we will evaluate your situation for free. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge about bedsores, and we hope that hospital patients and nursing home residents stay informed about the risks of this condition, as well as their rights after experiencing bedsores. Feel free to browse our bedsore education pages and do not wait to contact our office if you or a loved one might have a legal claim.

40.  The Fitzpatrick Firm LLC

The Fitzpatrick Firm LLC

The Fitzpatrick Firm LLC has over 10+ years of defending auto accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, wrongful death, and truck accidents victims in Atlanta Georgia

41.  Oasis Financial

Oasis Financial

Oasis Financial Reviews and Ratings