1.  Blurb Photo Books

Blurb Photo Books

Blurb's free online tools let you share, promote, show off, and even sell your book. So, whether your book is for profit, for a cause, or just for fun, we'll help you get the word out

2.  BookLikes


3.  BookBlast® writing agency

BookBlast® writing agency

BookBlast® is a boutique agency and a writing consultancy, with translation a speciality | The agency is not responsible for projects undertaken by the consultancy; and writers represented by the agency are not expected to seek advice from the consultancy | The BookBlast® Diary promotes diversity across cultures and markets, and supports the independent sector and its writers.

4.  T.J. Kline

T.J. Kline

5.  Erica Verrillo

Erica Verrillo

The World of Publishing

6.  Suzanne Jenkins' Website

Suzanne Jenkins' Website

7.  The Blue Nib Literary Magazine

The Blue Nib Literary Magazine

The Blue Nib is an independent imprint that publishes exceptional poetry, essays and short literary fiction online and in a quarterly print magazine.
The Blue Nib imprint also publishes anthologised work and individual works of poetry and literary fiction.

8.  Jennifer Loring

Jennifer Loring

9.  Cliff Ball - Christian Author

Cliff Ball - Christian Author

10.  Definition : dictionary for writers

Definition : dictionary for writers

Dictionary site with definitions, synonyms, published examples, and rhymes.

11.  RJ's Views

RJ's Views

12.   K.C. Sivils – Author of The Thomas Sullivan Chronicles and Other Stories

 K.C. Sivils – Author of The Thomas Sullivan Chronicles and Other Stories

While focused primarily on the my stories of the exploits of Inspector Thomas Sullivan, topics include anything related to the crime noir genre of books and films, detective stories, futuristic crime stories, tech noir, and anything I feel like writing about.

13.  Life in Print Publishing

Life in Print Publishing

14.  Isis Code, the book

Isis Code, the book

In Isis Code, author and creator of the LIFE biosystem approach, Ariane Page, shows how humankind’s quest for true love is a mirror of Isis’s search. Page takes the reader on a pilgrimage as the inner Isis attempts to join the five different aspects of the human brain - physical, emotional, symbolic, rational and social - and eventually find the answers to the questions: what, why, how, and who we are.

15.  Uttley's Indies

Uttley's Indies

16.  A Distant View

A Distant View