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Whether following a personal story, showcasing professional work or detailing a specific theme, the best photography blogs take you right along with them.

OnTopList’s photography blogs carry images of many different subject themes, some using the best camera equipment available and others simply iphone photographs. You don’t have to be an expert to make money from your photography blogging hobby, just have a keen eye and attention to detail. No matter what the focus, a combination of thoughtful images and inspiring commentary makes for the best blogging experience. The best photography blogs include images that help you to learn more about the world, or to just think about everything that is familiar around you in a different light.

Find out the best camera to use, get tips and tricks on techniques and be updated on the latest technology news on cameras and equipment. High quality, professional photography blogs act as tutorial blogs for the best value photography school you can get!

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  • A Little Piece Of Me

    A Little Piece Of Me

    Images of nature taken by photographer Kerri Farley, captioned with poems, personal reflections, inspirational quotes and bits and pieces of life.

  • Resource Magazine

    Resource Magazine

    Online magazine site for professional photographers, videographers,vloggers, social media influencers, and tech junkies. Articles cover content creation, lifestyle, imagery and visual publication.

  • Hena Tayeb Photography

    Hena Tayeb Photography

    Photography blog featuring works of Hena Tayeb, a Pakistani photographer based in New Jersey. The site contains stories behind the photos and artworks as well personal travel adventures.

  • My Dogs Keep Me Sane

    My Dogs Keep Me Sane

    Photography portfolio and personal musings of Misty Dawn, a freelance photographer living in a farm. The blog is a mix of personal stories on animal advocacy, family life, outdoor living, and nature.

  • Style Over Coffee

    Style Over Coffee

    Style Over Coffee is a photography blog which includes fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Read about current trends, travel chronicles, DIY ideas and photographs that highlight the best in life.

  • Corporate Photographer

    Corporate Photographer

    Corporate photography by Grantly Lynch, a professional photographer based in London. Visit this blog for corporate headshots, office photography, generic images, supplementary photos for marketing materials.

  • Shooter Files

    Shooter Files

    Blog of a fearless street photographer named Forrest Walker, featuring different photography projects from streets traveled around the world.

  • Indahs Travel Story and Photography

    Indahs Travel Story and Photography

    Indas is a travel and photography blog centered around scuba diving and marine life. Get travel tips, sea images, dive photos, and insights about ocean and marine conservation.

  • Streets of Liverpool

    Streets of Liverpool

    Online archive of photographs documenting Liverpool in the 19th and 20th century. Gallery contains, street photography, art scenes, celebrations, and urban imagery.

  • Photo By Manka

    Photo By Manka

    Photographer from Sweden tells stories though various images of animals, nature, landscape, weather, skies, buildings, food, society, and street photography.

  • Corporate Headshots London

    Corporate Headshots London

    Corporate photographer from London providing contemporary style headshots. Services include LinkedIn options, formal studio headshots, informal photos, and location shoots.

  • The Official Dapixara Blog

    The Official Dapixara Blog

    Dapixara's official blog. On the Dapixara blog, photographer shares abouth his personal life through blog posts and inspirational landscape photography from the Cape Cod.

  • Jus Medic Blog - Travel photography

    Jus Medic Blog - Travel photography

    Portfolio of Jus Medic, travel photographer chronicling landscapes, cityscapes, mountains, panoramas, people, summer and winter sports, food and drinks, animals, and aerial adventures.

  • Stock Nature Photos Blog

    Stock Nature Photos Blog

    Photographer Carl Donohue features a gallery of stock images and photos of nature, travel, and adventure. See photos related to Alaska, polar bears, glacier, birds, wildlife, and landscapes.

  • Retired newsguy

    Retired newsguy

    Retired news photographer from Charleston shares travel snippets and stories behind the photos collected over the past decades. See old photos presented in new perspective.

  • OneDayOneImage Photography Blog

    OneDayOneImage Photography Blog

    Professional photographer shares published work for newspapers and magazines. A site for buying prints and reading essays about New York, campus life, nature, and stock photography.

  • Rabin Photography

    Rabin Photography "One Million Tulips"

    Fine art photographs by Rabin Ramah, highlighting flowers, botanical shows, gardens, railroads, colorful close-ups as well as back and white photography.

  • Seymour Digital Consulting - Blog

    Seymour Digital Consulting - Blog

    Digital photography consultant offers portrait and event photos, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop editing, photographer training, licensing, reproduction, restorations, and web services.

  • Blue Lion Blog

    Blue Lion Blog

    Award-winning photographs taken by John Mead, featuring Blue Lion Photos, breathtaking views, wild animals, science buildings, theatre snapshots and other high resolution images.

  • Classic Film Cameras

    Classic Film Cameras

    Old school photographer still uses the classic film cameras. Online resource for non-digital camera care, repair manuals, coverings, lightseal kits, and vintage art photography.

  • photography by jules

    photography by jules

    Photography of Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. Wildlife and scenic photography, shots of gardens, outdoor traveling and discoveries. Also some experimenting with photoshop and HDR processing.

  • Los Angeles Wedding Photography

    Los Angeles Wedding Photography

    Los Angeles photographer specializing in contemporary photojournalism, featuring artistic imagery for weddings, engagements, fashion, family portraits and lifestyle.

  • Anton Gorlin Photography

    Anton Gorlin Photography

    Australian real estate photographer Anton Gorlin shares samples and guides to creating beautiful landscape images. Get tips on finding the right elements, staging, composition, and enhancement.

  • Event Photographer London

    Event Photographer London

    Group of professional photographers in London providing services for hotel events, corporate functions, business event commissions, corporate headshots, and photographs for the House of Commons.

  • Bumblejax


    Transforming digital photos into gallery art on acrylic, bamboo and aluminum.

  • Paris Photography - The Antimuseum Photoblog

    Paris Photography - The Antimuseum Photoblog

    Online gallery of a Paris photographer who has witnessed the evolution of digital photography. See a different perspective of nature, travel, and events through his lens.

  • photos HD

    photos HD

    Online portfolio of Kedar Mesani, featuring HD photos of travel, art, and nature. See beach photos and artworks from Bali and chemtrail clouds in Zurich.

  • MyPhotoSchool


    Learn photography and be inspired by the experts in courses such as beginner tutorials, wildlife portraiture, perfect exposure, adobe lightroom, macro photography and other techniques.

  • sharpfocus photography blog

    sharpfocus photography blog

    Portfolio of Souleye, a Washington DC photographer specializing in professional headshots and portraits for corporate executives, business people, models and actors.

  • Turn Your Hobby into Earnings

    Turn Your Hobby into Earnings

    Photography tips and resources including lifehacks, equipment guides, photographer biographies and interviews, interesting facts, famous photos, and related news.

  • My Oregon Photography Blog

    My Oregon Photography Blog

    Multi-awarded photographer Thom Zehrfeld showcases the beauty of Oregon and other places through high dynamic range photography and digital printing. View architecture, seascapes, landscapes and more.

  • Faerie Barista

    Faerie Barista

    Prints, photographs, and thoughts of Amanda Brueckner a lifestyle photographer who loves nature, books, fashion, parenting, and just about everyday magic.

  •  An owd 'togs blog

    An owd 'togs blog

    An owd 'togs blog - The occasional blog of a Yorkshire based news & PR photographer

  • Skolai Images

    Skolai Images

    Visual representation of Carl Donohue's photography work, which mainly consists of nature, travel, and adventures in Alaska - its wildlife and landscape.

  • Inessential Stuff

    Inessential Stuff

    Action-packed gallery of images about baseball, hockey, sports teams, family, Spokane, Spokane Chiefs, night, nature, people and architecture.

  • AG Photography

    AG Photography

    Online gallery of fashion and Buidoir images by AG Photography. See studio sets, exclusive behind the scene photos, landscape photography, and photoshop tutorials.

  • U Me Us Studios Wedding Photography Blog

    U Me Us Studios Wedding Photography Blog

    US top photographers specializing in portrait, landscape, wildlife, and moving subjects. Photo services offered for individuals, families, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and event coverage.

  • Wedding Photography Ireland

    Wedding Photography Ireland

    My aim at a wedding is to tell your story: not only and solely of your official wedding ceremony, but also of who you are. This is why I would encourage you and your guests to forget about me and my presence and simply enjoy the day and have fun. On such occasions, I prefer to catch ...

  • Just Us

    Just Us

    Know the stories behind the photographs of a web designer couple. Read tales of love and lifestyle and travel the world as captured through their lens.

  • iCorridor Moments

    iCorridor Moments

    We are a blog about fabulous life moments, awesome travel experience, beautiful photography and amazing artworks. Moments makes up our life journeys. At iCorridor Moments, we believe an optimistic and positive attitude will bring greater happiness to our lives, and capturing and ...

  • Flashes of Inspiration

    Flashes of Inspiration

    These are the activity reports and musings of David A. Gilmour LPPO, photographic artist and owner of Lumacraft Photography.

  • Michael Chansley Photography Blog

    Michael Chansley Photography Blog

    See the works of Tucson wedding photographer Michael Chansley. Inquire for photo coverage for all types of events including quinceaneras, sports tournaments, corporate headshots, family occasions, and real estate promotions.

  • #allcitiesarebeautiful


    #allcitiesarebeautiful is a contemporary photography repository, centered around the theme of urbanism and focused on showcasing a weekly updated collection of international photographers and interviews, bi-weekly published essays on photography and urban living, alongside magazine ...

  • Ozone Zone Books - Blog

    Ozone Zone Books - Blog

    Publisher specializing in fine architecture and tropical gardens books. Blog contains unofficial comments from photography travels, reviews from various gardens, and more.

  • A Thousand Words

    A Thousand Words

    "A Thousand Words" includes blog posts about photography, nature, spirituality, politics, memoir, and gardening by professional photographer and author Tracy J Thomas.

  • Marcia's Wedding Photography Cheshire

    Marcia's Wedding Photography Cheshire

    Marcia's wedding photography covering all Cheshire. Check out my blog keeping you up with my work.

  • Norfolk Wedding Photographer Duncan Kerridge

    Norfolk Wedding Photographer Duncan Kerridge

    Fun, spontaneous documentary wedding photography by Norfolk wedding photographer Duncan Kerridge.

  • Bob's Blahg

    Bob's Blahg

    Favorite images, works, and musings of photographer Bob Barrett, featuring wildlife, politics, community, technology, dining, family, life, music and random interests.

  • JFennell Photography Blog - Images and updates on my latest photography escapades.

    JFennell Photography Blog - Images and updates on my latest photography escapades.

    Portfolio of sports and commercial advertising photographer Jonathan Fennell, known for skillfully capturing intense action shots in unique angles, most of which have been used in various publications.

  • Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer's Blog

    Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer's Blog

    Leading wedding photographer in Hudson Valley and recognized among the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide. Browse for recent works such as couple portraits, location shoots, business profiles and more.

  • Corrie R. Coston Photography--The Blog

    Corrie R. Coston Photography--The Blog

    See photos full of life through the gallery of Corrie Coston, whose photography works include families, children, seniors, preschools, sports teams and more.

  • James Gordon Patterson  Photography

    James Gordon Patterson Photography

    Closer glimpse of the country life by Arizona photographer James Gordon Patterson, featuring events, music, garden, rodeo, horses, coyotes, cowboys, sports, and other attractions.

  • Jax Photography Blog

    Jax Photography Blog

    Archives of Jax Photography, mostly consisted of photo coverage from various destination weddings, engagement shoots, bachelorette parties, and other important milestones.

  • Ann Tracy Photography

    Ann Tracy Photography

    Portraits, headshots, projects, stories and artworks by Ann Tracy, an editorial photographer from Portland, Maine. See the gallery, buy prints, and learn the aspects of photojournalism from the artist herself.

  • Ty Gatti Photography

    Ty Gatti Photography

    Queensland photographer Ty Gatti shares awesome surf and lifestyle photos taken throughout the Sunshine Coast. Search Australian surf photos in locations such as Kawana, Moolalaba, Alexandra Headlands, national parks and more.

  • Free Photographs for Your Blog

    Free Photographs for Your Blog

    Stock images and free photos for blog posts, web articles, and projects by a professional photographer named Luke. Photo usage is permitted as long as the source contains proper attribution.

  • Phone Photography Pro

    Phone Photography Pro

    Tech, Tips, How To and General conversation regarding phone photography with a dash of reviews.

  • Ozone Zone Blog

    Ozone Zone Blog

    Independent publisher of coffee table books featuring fine artistic photography of architectural treasures, lush gardens, travels and explorations.

  • Paint by Light

    Paint by Light

    Comprehensive source of photography information, featuring the works and articles of UK photographer Sean J. Connolly. Read guides, commonly used terms, reviews, and browse the gallery.

  • Trevor David Betts Photo Blog

    Trevor David Betts Photo Blog

    Online gallery of photographs taken by Trevor David Betts, mostly consisted of high quality, monochrome film based medium. Site contains colored photos and videos as well.

  • 365 Postcards

    365 Postcards

    Northern Ireland commercial photographer offering advertising, marketing, web design, and creative imaging for businesses. Shoots are done in a large industrial studio, as well as in spaces all over Ireland.

  • Adrian Wale

    Adrian Wale

    Online gallery of photographer and cognitive scientist Adrian Wale, featuring nature, historical landmarks, events, and pop culture. Photo prints, posters, postcards, and canvas prints are available at the shop.

  • Maine Wedding Photography Blog

    Maine Wedding Photography Blog

    Maine wedding photographer illustrates love stories in classic and photo-journalistic approach. Photographed over 100 weddings in a span of 5 years and documented engagements as well.



    Gallery of high definition photos of flowers, animals, landscapes, artworks, and people. Includes travel pictures from Malta, Japan, Switzerland, China, Germany, France, and more.

  • Jenn Dixon Photography

    Jenn Dixon Photography

    Photography portfolio of Jenn Dixon, with tidbits and stories about being on the other side of the lens, family life, friends, pets, nature, and some interesting anecdotes.

  • gaborbarath


    Photographer from Hungary offers a glimpse behind the lens, featuring Capture One, Cyanotype, Lightroom, Pinhole, Wetplate, and DIY photography techniques.

  • Pass Through Glass - Blog

    Pass Through Glass - Blog

    'Pass Through Glass' blog chronicles the journey of my photographic work & play. By work I mean shooting theatre, dance, musicians, artisans, etc. By play I mean travel & nature. I release a blog post every Saturday with periodical extra blogs generated randomly when I have extra ...

  • All About Photo

    All About Photo

    Fine art photography discussed and presented through words and images. With references, news and updates from various photography trends and events around the world.

  • Greetings From Earth

    Greetings From Earth

    Digital art gallery of photos that express ideas related to activist art, society, consumerism, climate change, technology, culture, globalization, and street photography.

  • Orlando Family Photographer

    Orlando Family Photographer

    Featured works of Orlando based photographer Melissa T., whose specialization includes newborn, maternity, children, seniors, and family photography.

  • Harvey Wildlife Photography Blog

    Harvey Wildlife Photography Blog

    Photos, slideshows, and videos of wildlife captured through the lens of professional photographer Greg Harvey. See animals in their natural habitat, from the tigers of the African Safari to the polar bears in Canada's National Park.

  • Black UniGryphon's Modest Photos

    Black UniGryphon's Modest Photos

    Showcase of the works by photographer Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman, featuring stylized compositions, general photos, thoughts, and opinions of the artist.

  • American Black and White

    American Black and White

    The site features fine art photography in the tradition of Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams.

  • A Life Savored

    A Life Savored

    Random photos and imagery capturing the beauty and fun in life. Devoted primarily to images from my life abroad in Asia.

  • Gareth Kirkland's Photography blog

    Gareth Kirkland's Photography blog

    Professional landscape photographer Gareth Kirkland explores the Dordogne region of France and shares adventures, technical advice and local knowledge.

  • Visual Journey by Antonio Lastoria Arts

    Visual Journey by Antonio Lastoria Arts

    Fine Art Black & White photography focusing on Landscape, Architecture and Abstract Images.

  • Alter Ego Studio From The Viewfinders

    Alter Ego Studio From The Viewfinders

    Las Vegas commercial photographer, film and podcast producer featuring the latest news, gossips, movie reviews, and commentaries.

  • That's Tragic

    That's Tragic

    This site is dedicated to showing and educating those individuals who do not have a mirror in their home or as I like to call them the fashionably unconscious. The idea came from watching some of the local fashions such as my pet peeve of Ugs with mini shirts. I always wondered ...

  • Christie Chaney Photography

    Christie Chaney Photography

    I wanted to create a blog where digital photography enthusiasts could learn tips and exchange ideas for developing their skills and promoting their art. Everything I write in this blog is from my perspective, based on my life experiences and what works for me. If something resonates ...

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