31.  Inside My Own Alien Mind

Inside My Own Alien Mind

32.  BiblioJunkies


33.  Evolutionary Philosphy

Evolutionary Philosphy

Evolutionary Philosophy is the home for a new belief system that explores the implications of a simple premise: we are all products of evolution.

34.  The Bookish Elf

The Bookish Elf

The Bookish Elf is all about the passion for books and reading, knowledge and perception. We are a small group of readers who want the world to know what we read and what they should read.

35.  N. P. Martin|Urban Fantasy Author

N. P. Martin|Urban Fantasy Author

Home of N. P. Martin, author of dark, gritty urban fantasy novels including the bestselling Sorcerer's Creed Series. Get a FREE book when you sign up for the newsletter.

36.  The Things You Can Read

The Things You Can Read

37.  A-Thrill-A-Week


If you are a lover of thrillers, especially thrillers involving forensics, medicine or technology and you like it spiced up with a bit of science, then this book review blog is for you.

38.  How-To Books Download, PDF eBooks, Guides & Software Downloads

How-To Books Download, PDF eBooks, Guides & Software Downloads

The New Online Information Resource Center. Find the Latest Digital How-To Books, Download PDF eBooks, How-To Guides, New Software and discount coupon codes.

39.  Gerard de Marigny

Gerard de Marigny

40.  DemonLover's books & more

DemonLover's books & more

41.  Makayla's Book reviews

Makayla's Book reviews

42.  Bookwyrming Thoughts

Bookwyrming Thoughts

43.  Virginia Wright, Author, Illustrator & Foodie

Virginia Wright, Author, Illustrator & Foodie

44.  The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

45.  The Art of World Building

The Art of World Building

This blog, podcast, and book series teaches world builders how to create better fantasy and science fiction worlds faster.

46.  M T McGuire Author

M T McGuire Author

This is my author site.You can also download my free e-shorts as and when they appear, you can read about my new novel and you can follow me, on the blog, as I attempt to get it published… or publish it myself, which, lousy sales-skills aside, is probably what I will do.

47.  Headingley LitFest

Headingley LitFest

48.  Writing from the Couch with Susan Wingate

Writing from the Couch with Susan Wingate

49.  Wolff Poetry

Wolff Poetry

LINDA J. WOLFF (WOLFF POETRY) lives in Washington. She’s currently the editor of online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers. Her work published in an eBook Urban Pen; Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff on Amazon, Barn & Noble, and Goodreads. She’s received “Top 25 Poetry Blog of the Net,” and her poetry journal was used as a “Scientific Experiment” by the data team & company Automattic that owns (WordPress).

50.  Fit for Joy

Fit for Joy

RISE ABOVE YOUR LIMITATIONS EXPLORING THE GIFTS WITHIN Here You’ll Find Content Relating Exercise to Enjoyment, Awareness through Meditation, Diet for Self-Love, True Life Stories, and Healing.

51.  I'm All About Books

I'm All About Books

Author and book promotional services at our best.

52.  My So-Called Paradise

My So-Called Paradise

53.  Lover's Quarrel

Lover's Quarrel

54.  Readers' Junction

Readers' Junction

55.  Low Price Books & Textbooks

Low Price Books & Textbooks

56.  Doug BrotherofCats Dandridge

Doug BrotherofCats Dandridge

57.  Petre Pan

Petre Pan

58.  Writer.mom


A blog about writing and motherhood.

59.  I'm Into Books

I'm Into Books

Author, and book promotional services.

60.  The Ghastly Grimoire

The Ghastly Grimoire