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Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 06:02:54 AM in Shopping

A lot of people who are shoe fanatics have heard of the website Zappos and they know that it is one of the biggest shoe retailers online. People love the selection they get and they have no problem whatsoever with the level of customer service they get. There is only one problem, some people feel that the experience at Zappos can become slightly overwhelming at times. 


Some people feel that the experience can become a bit tiring and even flat out frustrating. People feel there is a bit much on the website and the the design at times on the website seems a bit pedestrian. It is because of these reasons that people like to look for Zappos alternatives. Well I found two good ones that are just as good as Zappos. These would be and is a website that has an attractive design that is not going to be hard to navigate at all. People like that you can place a shoe you want into you shopping cart in a certain size, and then when you look at another shoe using the thumbnail photo feature, it will automatically adjust the shoe to the closest size that is available. Similar to Zappos will provide you with free shipping and you can return any item you are not satisfied with. 


Now, unlike Zappos, will provide you with pre-paid UPS labels that are right inside of he shipping box in order to make things easy in this case. There is not going to be any downloading needed. What makes the return process even easier is the printouts of return forms that come with each order in the form of package slips. also makes it easy to price compare once you have bought the shoe. The price you pay for each shoe is listed on the packing slip. This way you can compare on websites like Zappos. also has lots of designers. is a website that some people are going to like better as a Zappos alternative because the usability is going to be better. When you click on a shoe to view it, one tap is going to open up that will give you a nice closeup of the shoe you want, as well as all the different views in thumbnail size, all the different colors as well as all the different shoe sizes for what you picked. At Zappos you might pick a shoe, add it to your cart, and then get a message telling you that it is not available in your size. has a feature where when you move your mouse over a picture it will automatically zoom in to the part where you are looking. The goal of all of this is to decrease how many times you have to click the mouse so it does not take you too long to purchase. and are just two alternatives to Zappos, there are indeed others. But you want to go with sources that have a reputation such as these two do.

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