Your Finances: Does It Control You?

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Your Finances: Does It Control You?

How do you handle finances? Do you accept it it all belongs to God? Do you handle finances as part of a personal relationship with Jesus? If you do, you will accept your role as a steward, and depend on the Lord to supply your needs.

You won’t check your brain in the closet, but you will be sensitive to His call, and act in line with His teachings. We see the essence of Jesus’ teachings to His followers in four key scripture passages:


  • Come into a personal relationship with Jesus (John 3:1-21).
  • Come; be Jesus’ disciple and be prepared to give up all for Him: surrender everything (Luke 14:25-35).
  •  Come to Jesus with all your burdens (Matthew 11:28).
  •  Go and make disciples, teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:18-20).

    As believers go to make disciples, we must remember that Jesus will be with us always (Matthew 28:20). We should recall that He has assured us not to worry because He will supply our needs (Matthew 6:24-33). But, our prayers should be according to Jesus’ will (John 16:24).

    So, the key questions are these: do we believe Jesus will give us what we need when we need it? Does our behavior show we believe that God owns everything, and we are His stewards? What does the debt load of Christians communicate to the world about our stewardship?

    God’s ownership of everything means, to supply our need, He will direct us away from borrowing. He has everything to provide our needs. His word tells us that our only debt should be love for our brothers and sisters (Romans 13:8).

    he Bible does not forbid borrowing, specifically. It states clearly that we must repay when we borrow (Psalm 37:21). Today, it is difficult to own a home without borrowing. However, before borrowing, we must “count the cost” and ask Jesus to show us His will and His timing. This will lead to buying a home with a down payment that gives an affordable mortgage, which will allow us to support our families, and give to God’s work.

    Faced with a need, what should we do? Take it to Jesus. However, before we go to Him, first, we should define it properly, so we can understand it clearly. We might think we need a van, when the real need is transport, which could be inexpensive public transit. Here is where we would be tested because, to choose the second alternative, we will need God’s PhD–patience, humility, and dependence on Jesus.

    We must be ready to accept Jesus’ results, which might not be what we contemplate. His timing, too, might differ from ours. So, mull over His PhD, be patient, and wait for Him to show you His way.

    When we follow this path, finances will be merely the means to doing His will; it won’t cause stress in our families, and won’t control our lives!

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