You only live once, don’t let life pass you by

Posted on Apr 26 2012 at 09:39:40 AM in Health

You only live once, don’t let life pass you by

As a child I do not recall my father being the slightest bit religious, in fact on our visits to church he was hardly ever present. If memory serves me correct he always tried to live a good live and frankly, as far as parents go, I would not have wanted any other. When it comes to remembering the things that I read, any attempt to repeat from memory would not have been considered as one of my strong points. Does that mean that I did not learn anything, well no I don’t think so, especially when it related to things concerning the creation of this world that we live in. It would be impossible not to see the love that went into its preparation, and you do not even have to be a Christian to see what I am talking about.


We have become a nation of individuals who appear more interested  in hastily getting from one point to another without taking a minute to appreciate what we have around us. If we did slow down we might actually reduce many of the ailments that are associated with stress and gain a new appreciation for our surroundings. The beauty of our environment is lost to the splashing of criminal activities around us and the obvious build up of hateful thoughts and actions. As a society we would do so much better if could literally stop and smell the roses, if only to help us appreciate and cultivate the love that was given to us from above.

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