Would you sail on the NEW Titanic?

Posted on Apr 30 2012 at 09:56:18 AM in Travel

Would you sail on the NEW Titanic?

It was supposed to be an original and for those who could afford it, a vacation to be remembered. Sadly it made history by hitting an iceberg and unimaginable loss of life. The Titanic is still a popular name today as it turns out movies and museums for hundreds of thousands who simply want to know the story. An Australian magnate has taken it one step further and commissioned a Chinese shipyard to begin construction on a brand new ship which is expected to be a replica of the ill-fated vessel. Because technology has changed considerably, the shipyard will be required to stay with the modern equivalent to the vessel that perished, although many superstitious observers may not consider that as enough of a change. The ship is expected to be designed according to today’s high tech standards and is projected to be ready to accept passengers in 2016.


I have seen the movie Titanic and (by today’s standards) in my opinion the ship lacked a certain degree of imagination, I guess that could simply have been a reflection of the times. It is a shame that the builders had chosen to tout the fact that the ship was unsinkable as the disaster clearly reflected, it was not. Our billionaire friend is obviously trying to cash in on the modern day popularity of the ill fated vessel, I can only hope that he will make sure the this Titanic is equipped with the right amount of protection to avoid a repeat of the previous disaster. The question that many are asking is whether enough people will be brave enough to board the ‘NEW’ Titanic when it is complete, it is not as though they won’t have other options to choose from. The recent increase in cruise ship disasters will not be a great incentive by any means.

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