Workout Gear When Exercising in Cold Weather

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Workout Gear When Exercising in Cold Weather

Even on a perfectly sunny day, some people are too lazy to work out, what more if it is a cold winter day? Cozying up in the bed with a nice hot cup of cocoa or coffee while watching tv is definitely a more suitable activity on a winter day than going out for some laps. The cold weather can even discourage the most motivated fitness enthusiasts. With the loss of motivation for weight loss personal training in North London, it's too easy to pack away your workout gear and gain back the weight you've work hard on losing before. To achieve your body fat loss goal, you need to stick to your personal training program in North London even if it's the winter season. Knowing which appropriate workout gear to use for personal training can keep your warm and motivated and allow you to workout outdoors to stay fit.

Wear layers to create significant air barrier above the skin. Layering also helps prevent heat loss. You may need to remove a layer or two as your body warms up when you exercise. It can also provide insulation without lots of bulk. Close-fitting clothes is a better chance that baggy clothes when layering. Baggy clothes tend to create large openings through which heat can be lost during movement.

The first or the base layer should be of wicking material to pull moisture away from the skin so sweat does not have a chance to evaporate and cool the body. The next layer should be insulating like fleece to provide warmth. The outer layer should protect you against wind or rain like windproof and breathable fabrics. A hood can also protect the head and face.

When the weather is cold, the body heat dissipates away from extremities to help keep the core warm. This makes the hands, feet and head more vulnerable to the cold. As much as 30 to 40 percent of body heat may be lost through the head so use a wool hat, which has insulating properties that keeps the head warm even when wet. Wearing a hat and mittens or gloves helps to keep body heat in. Thermal socks also keep feet warm.

It gets darker earlier when temperatures drop. Wear brightly colored clothing to help with visibility at dusk, and reflective tape or clothing with reflective properties to help motorists see you more easily in the dark or in inclement weather. Wear a reflective safety vest, reflectors or a light to ensure that you are visible to others.

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