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Let's face it, we are living a stressful life. We work too much, we make not enough money and at the end of the season we need a good vacation to rest, but sometimes we do not have the money to spend a whole week or two in some nice place and to relax. Fortunately, this is not true, for the people who know Bulgaria as a tourist destination. It is one of the most interesting and complex destinations in Europe, and it is very easy to be visited, you only have to call Bulgaria and make a reservation. The country is in the EU which means that you can enter in it only with your ID. No passports and other documents are needed. 


What has Bulgaria to offer? 


  Cultural tourism


This country is one of the oldest in Europe and on its territory ruins from different times and civilisations can be found. This is the land where Orpheus was living. Yes, it is true. The Greeks tell that Greece is the land of Orpheus, but actually, the Thracians were living on the territories of today's Bulgaria. 


Sea tourism


  Wonderful big resorts with casinos, big, five star hotels and huge discos in a wonderful combination with miles long beaches and quite places, where everyone can go with caravan, for example. This is the seaside of Bulgaria. It can host you no matter if you are a 18 year old teenager looking for fun or a grown man looking for relaxation.


  Mountain tourism


You can go skiing in Bulgaria. The conditions there are wonderful, the traces look great and they are huge. 


  So, call Bulgaria, and visit this wonderful country, full of history and fun. You can see many things there and all of them are unique. 


Bulgaria is one of the countries in the world with fastest internet connection, so if you decide to make cheap calls to Bulgaria or from Bulgaria, by using VoIP technology, this is will be very easy. 

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