Window Cleaning Tips

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One of the most important cleaning tips in your home is to take good care of your windows. They could seem extremely hard to clean, but you could easily deal with them. You only need to be familiar with some cleaning tips which will help you. You can find them here.


To get your windows clean, you need to be provided with some cleaning products first. You can use commercial cleaners or home made solutions. Both types are effective. Cleaning Melbourne recommend that you use natural products, because they are eco friendly and safer for you.


One of the most popular home made cleaning solutions includes only vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of them and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. That will make the application of the solution much easier.


When you have the cleaning solution, you can continue with the cleaning process. If you get a chance, you'd better clean your windows on a cloudy day. Otherwise, the direct sunlight will dry the cleaning solution very fast. That will cause some streaks to occur.


Before you apply the cleaning solution, you should wipe the windows with a soft and dry cloth. That will remove the loose dirt. This step is very important. If you don't remove the excess dirt, it will turn into mud when you apply the cleaning solution.


When you apply the cleaner, you can use a squeegee or a soft cloth to clean the windows. Unarguably, the squeegee will help you do the job much faster. When you are done with washing the windows, you need to dry them. The squeegee could be very useful for that. But you need to make sure that the blade is dry with each stroke. Otherwise, some streaks will be left for sure.


Cleaning the windows in your home can be done effectively in no time. You should only follow the above tips. In case you have any problems, give a call to domestic cleaning Melbourne. They will help you very much with their professional cleaning equipment. They could do it at the most convenient time for you – whenever you ask.

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