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Posted on Nov 12 2012 at 10:07:35 AM in House & Garden

For a stylish alternative to simple brackets, choose one of the appealing flower box holders. You can dress up a simple, barren and unadorned window box with a flower box holder made of high grade materials, powder-coated rust-resistant iron or steel that will last for years to come while projecting beauty to the surrounding. Whether perch to a wall or hanging from a deck rail, they will surely add style and charm to your home.


Most window box holders are strong and durable, so you can enjoy them for years. You can start with a humble window planter and create something extraordinary!


Universal Scroll Window Box Corner Bracket


Introduced in 2007 and surprisingly growing in popularity nowadays, Universal Scroll Corner Brackets will spruce up and hold a variety of beautiful window boxes and planters. These are specifically built to hold any rectangular box with a width less than 9 1/2 inch width, you mount them to fit whatever length window box length you buy. Indeed these brackets are a perfect accent for your favorite window, wall or fence planter box. Each bracket pair is designed to easily perch to any flat surface.  Fabricated with decorative wrought iron that is protected with a textured black powder coated finish, this will last for a long period of time. 


Deck Drape


If you want a simple way to hang your window box from a deck, this Deck Drape bracket is the best window box deck bracket accessory that you can purchase in the market. Flexible in nature, its adjustable railing hooks allow window box Deck Drape bracket to fit over Standard Wood Deck Railings and offer you with the feature to re-change the position of your planters to suit all your tastes without drilling any holes in your deck which is very efficient. These railing flower box holder adjust to create a comfortable fit onto your deck railing. Manufacturers commonly use black powder coated finish to helps prevent the drape from rusting and discoloring your railings and preserves its beauty for a long time. 


Thinking of fragrant summer scents, cascading blossoming plants and fresh herbs and veg at your finger tips. With the unique, flat-pack window box holder, everyone can be a window sill gardener. If you wish to have this in your garden, you can contact manufacturers near you. They will help you decide which deck holders are best for you. They will give you advises on how to create a magnificent home using window box holder.



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