Will we ever be ready for a visitor?

Posted on Apr 25 2012 at 06:47:11 AM in Society

Will we ever be ready for a visitor?

Many of us have a difficult time keeping a clean living environment, in fact if the truth be told it is almost impossible to invite someone over to our home without having to apologize for the state that things are in. We claim to be full of holiness, yet we are sadly unprepared to invite anyone into our hearts because by the time we are finished cleaning it He will already have moved on. We should always be ready to celebrate the arrival of a friend or loved one and that goes double for someone who made a sacrifice on our behalf. When we keep a dirty home it is as though we are making a statement that we don't really care about how others see us, regardless of who they may be.


Then there are those people who consider a dirty home to be the most natural thing in the world as the turn to tradition and clean it once a year at springtime. There are so many filthy hearts today that we should not be surprised that this world is so full of corruption. It has been said that cleanliness is next to Godliness but it also shows a serious slant towards immorality. How can you honestly expect to invite anyone into your home if you have to apologize for it? In the same way, how can you expect to invite Jesus into your hearts when you are more interested in attending parties and festivals, with no desire to show Him any gratitude for the sacrifices that He made on our behalf?

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