Why You Need Sleep While Preparing To Take The PMP Exam

Posted on Jun 16 2011 at 02:19:16 PM in Marketing & Advertising

When preparing for an exam, there is always the tendency to deprive yourself of sleep. This is true for students but even as an adult, we’re often tempted to study even when we should be sleeping. This seems inevitable considering the fact that most adults who are going to take an exam – a PMP exam for instance – have to juggle their time with studying, work, and families. What time have they got left for giving their bodies what they need most?

But do you know that depriving yourself of sleep can actually hurt your performance in your exam? Sleep is very important. Why do you need sleep while you study for an exam? Here are just some of the benefits that you will get from getting the right amount of sleep:

    * Having to work, complete tasks and monitor a team all day can be very stressful. How many hours of work do you need to complete in a day? How many hours do you have to spend with your family? How many hours have you allotted for studying? More hours of work will result often with a higher level of stress. Stress can cause you to lose your focus and will not let your brain absorb what you are studying. Sleep reduces your level of stress. It renews your body.

    * Sleep will sharpen your concentration. Your mind is refreshed so it is more effective in grasping new information. You will be able to study better if you had a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep makes you feel lousy and leaves your brain unfocused. This is true even as an adult.

    * According to research studies, sleep can help improve memory. The brain undergoes a process called memory consolidation wherein it process all of the information that are acquired by the brain throughout the day. This means that whatever you have learned or read will be consolidated in your brain and actually be absorbed while you sleep. This is the reason why getting a good night’s sleep before an exam is advisable.

    * Lack of sleep will result to delayed brain reaction and function. You will not be able to concentrate on what you are studying. Your brain will have a slower time to understand what you are studying. This will then result to more time required to understand the material. For instance, what you could have learned and understand in 10 minutes may take you an hour if your brain is not working properly because of lack of sleep.

If you are serious about passing the PMP exam, you must make sure that you have studied well enough and given your body the rest it needs.  Consider checking out this 35 hour PMP exam prep course which provides PMP students with a 3 step learning strategy to help you study best for the PMP.  When you’re finished with this, try one of our PMP Exam Simulations to make sure you’re fully prepared.  If you’re fully prepared, you can allow yourself to close the books, shut off the computer and go to bed early!  Reduce stress, refresh your mind, improve your memory and focus, and speed up your brain reaction and function- so you can pass that PMP!

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