Why Should You Invest in Commercial Floor Mats for Your Business?

Posted on Apr 18 2012 at 10:57:26 AM in B2B

Why Should You Invest in Commercial Floor Mats for Your Business?

Giving importance to the safety and welfare of your customers and workers is one of the important components of excellent customer service and proper management of employees. Using commercial floor mats for your business can provide numerous benefits. Commercial floor mats are quality and heavy-duty special mats that are specifically manufactured to match the needs of commercial, industrial, and even public spaces. Special mats are not only designed to add aesthetic appeal on businesses and other commercial spaces but commercial floor mats provide benefits for the people’s health and safety.

Improving Safety with Commercial Matting in Public Areas

Public areas like airports and subways, and commercial areas like malls, restaurants, and supermarkets usually receive high traffic volumes. With large number of people coming to these places, the cleanliness and sanitation are always a big issue. Too many incomers would mean a large amount of dirt and debris are carried inside the building or area. Spreading of water, moisture and airborne pollutants may also be accumulated posing great risk to the people’s health and safety. Customers and workers will also be prone to slipping and other accidents if the floor becomes too dirty or wet.

Using commercial floor mats can lessen the possibility of these dangerous situations by keeping floors clean, sanitized, and by preventing users from slipping and tripping. Although there are other conventional and ordinary floor mats that can be used for flooring, you need to use the specific floor mats that can withstand heavy traffic, large dirt and debris accumulation, and can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

Controlling Dirt & Debris with Commercial Matting

One of the great benefits of using commercial floor mats is that they can effectively prevent spread of dirt, debris and other elements that are not supposed to be on the floor. Commercial mats effectively scrape off dirt from people’s shoes and keep them properly stored until the floor mats are cleaned and vacuumed. This is also a cost-effective solution for businesses since instead of spending money for cleaning costs for the whole place, you only to spend some small amount for maintenance. Commercial floor mats also keep the air clean inside the area by preventing airborne pollutants from spreading.

Fighting Worker Fatigue with Anti-Fatigue Mats

If you want to increase productivity of your workers and employees, you should also use ergonomic anti-fatigue mats. These special matting products adapt to muscle contraction and work to effectively stimulate muscle tissue in the feet, legs, and lower back. These types of commercial mats, if properly installed in areas like industrial, manufacturing and commercial work environment, can greatly enhance the productivity of workers therefore increasing business profits and revenues. Work areas with computers and other electronic equipments are prone to ESD or electrostatic discharge, which can cause damage to other equipments and to human health as well. To minimize the danger of ESD, you should also use commercial floor mats specifically designed to prevent electrical discharge such as anti-static commercial and industrial mats.

Other important reason why you should invest in commercial floor mats for your business is that these mats can be used to promote business and for effective branding strategy. You can put your company logo on the mats so consumers can always see your logo or you can also put some warning messages, reminder, or inspirational quotes to floor mats to inspire your workers.

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