Why Men Leave Relationships

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Why Men Leave Relationships

Many women have no idea why men leave a relationship? It’s the one thing women will ponder on many days after a relationship ends. “Why did my man leave me?” If you have ever wondered why a man leaves you especially when it isn’t apparent, you may wonder if you have a chance to win them back. The answer to why your man left may surprise you but you can take it to heart and start to win them back.

Women may not realize it but men, even when they do the dumping in the relationship, feel pain. They have the need to talk with someone about how they feel. Sometimes they speak to friends; sometimes they go to a therapist. They are always asked what made them leave the relationship in the first place. The answer they give is very important especially if you want to know how you and your ex can get back together.

What was the answer to this ever-important question? “I never could make her happy”. Rarely is cheating a cause for the man to walk out on the relationship nor is having a huge argument another reason. It’s typically the feeling that no matter what he does; he can never make his woman happy. For that, he simply gave up and walked out on the relationship. It doesn’t matter if that’s really true…it’s how he felt.

Why is it so important for a man to feel like he’s making his woman happy? It’s a little thing called ego that lets him know that he is admired and is important. He wants to know that everything he does is special to his woman, despite any hardships they may have. If he feels like his life means something to his woman then everything else going on pales in comparison. This is why it’s so important to make a man feel loved and needed so it’s your job to make him feel like he is making you happy.

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