Why I prefer burning palm wax candles?

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 04:08:32 AM in House & Garden

Why I prefer burning palm wax candles?

Palm wax candles  - I have decided to promote these fabulous candles from our
VAMA Decor collection and tell you about their benefits as
there is still a lot of you who have never come across this type of a

Palm wax is an all-natural renewable resource (therefore environmentally
friendly)obtained from the oil palm which has been grown since 1900's. Palm wax
candles burn much slower and produce significantly less
than paraffin candles. Palm wax creates beautiful crystallization
paterns when cooling down and this makes them very different from all other
Our palm wax candles are made to perfection. Beautiful shapes and quality finish
ensures that our candles do not drip or smoke. Just the right
size of the 100% cotton wick makes the flame very calm and light to let
you enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your room.
Our palm wax
candles are unscented in order to comply with the maximum burning purity and
avoid unpleasant irritation of respiratory system of people with allergies and

I fell in love with palm wax candles, so take a look at our range and I am sure

you will do the same...click here to see our range

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