Why I gave up eating meat and became a vegetarian..

Posted on Feb 9 2013 at 10:43:41 AM in Diet & Nutrition

Why I gave up eating meat and became a vegetarian..

So What Are The REAL Benefits of a Vegetarian Lifestyle?

If you’ve ever had a discussion about vegetarianism, you’ve probably discovered for yourself that most people still believe that only one reason exists for why previously carnivorous folk decide to adopt a no-meat policy!

And that reason is to do with animal welfare.

Sure, many vegetarians are fiercely passionate about animal rights, and refuse to eat meat because of it. But the truth is, there are many other reasons why people choose to become vegetarian.

Here are just a few of them...

Fight the Flab
If you’re interested in losing that spare tyre and toning up your midriff, then a vegetarian diet may be the way to go. The fact is, meat is naturally high in fat (even lean meat is incredibly fatty) and also high in cholesterol. A recent 10 year study carried out by The American Cancer Society found that participants who ate meat three times a week put on substantially more weight that those who didn’t!

Rejuvenate Your Health
As well as helping to trim the fat, adopting a vegetarian diet is also very beneficial for your health. Firstly, vegetables are packed full of cancer-fighting, age-defying good guys known as antioxidants. They help to destroy free radicals which damage cells and can lead to many forms of cancer. A vegetarian diet can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, skin problems, stroke, hypertension, obesity, digestive complaints and heart problems to name just a few!

Going Green
There’s little doubt that the ever-increasing demands for meat is having a hugely detrimental impact on the environment and the world’s natural resources. With more and more animals being bred, farmed and then slaughtered for human consumption, the negative effects upon the environment are increasing by the day, from global warming and soil erosion to water and air pollution. So if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards saving the environment, a vegetarian diet is a good place to start!

Saving You Money!
One misconception that I often encounter is that vegetarianism is too expensive. This is completely and utterly incorrect! The truth is, a vegetarian diet is not only beneficial to your health and the environment, it can also help you save a lot money. Many of the principal ingredients of a vegetarian diet, such as beans, pulses, rice and corn, are very inexpensive, as well as being highly flexible in terms of meal options. Furthermore, with improved health comes less medical costs in the future, so that's even more savings for you!

So there you go!

There are four hugely significant reasons for why many people choose to become vegetarian or vegan. As you can see, it’s not solely down to animal welfare.

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