Why Halo 3 Action Figures Boost You Collection's Value

Posted on May 6 2010 at 03:34:42 AM in Gifts & Toys

If your a fan of the fun and addictive game of  Halo3 than you'll love the new halo 3 action figures that are out.  Developed by McFarlane, The Halo 3 action figures are extremely detailed and come with endless weapons and add on's. 

Now you can be part of the UNSC and fight against other alien species.  You can be Master Chief Petty Officer John and be part of the Sparten commando team, John comes with many different guns, or Cortana, who is a UNSC Artificial Intelligence, or even Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson, he comes with a side arm, frag grenades, and a assault rifle.  Or you can be one of the many other alien creatures or other members of the UNSC.

Some of the halo_3 characters even come in a larger size than the normal 6 inches.  And after you purchased some of the troops they need their vehicles too.  The McFarlane line came out with some of the awesome vehicles right out of the video game.  Such as the Warthog, Mongoose, Scorpion, Ghost, Banshee, and Wraith.  You are also able to get the Weapons Pack which is a must for the troops, here all the weapons are interchangeable for every character, the weapons that are included are Fuel Rod Gun, Spartan Laser, two Spike Rifles, two SMGs, two Shotguns, two Plasma Rifles, two Plasma Pistols, two Frag Grenades and two Plasma Grenades.  Its everything you need for your collections.

Halo_3 figures and accessories are a perfect gift for your child or friend who enjoys the game Halo.  If you haven't seen any of these fantastically detailed toys, you would be amazed at the quality of work that goes into each figure.  Toys have become even more life like as we know it.  Every one of those children will love to play with these fun and exciting toys.  They will have a blast creating different scenarios that will entertain their creative side. 

The Halo 3 toys can be purchased at most toy stores near by also the Internet is another excellent place to find those great deals you are looking for. For a Simple and Free Halo 3 Collecting Guide Visit the site Halo 3 Action Figures Guide.

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