Why Batman Villains Are Highly Collectible Action Figures

Posted on May 6 2010 at 03:09:02 AM in Comics & Animation

No matter where he turns, Batman has to fight off the evil in Gotham City.  Protecting the citizens in Gotham City is what Batman does.  Batman Villains are some of the most evil villains in comics.  Since the 40s, Batman figures have been a favorite in collectible figurines.  Batman and the villains he combats have evolved over the years making them all highly collectible.  Here’s a sample of the evil villains Batman has encountered over the years.

The Joker – The Joker was introduced into comics in the 1940s and has been Batman’s worst enemy.  This clown-faced villain has been challenging Batman for years and laughs in the face of violence against the good people of Gotham City.  He is one of the first Batman Villains in the original comics from the 40s.

Harley Quinn – Dressed in harlequin attire, Dr. Harleen Quinnzel is an ex criminal psychiatrist who works with the Joker as his accomplice against Batman.  She is in love with the Joker and her best friend is Poison Ivy, another Batman enemy.  Harley Quinn was introduced in 1992 via the animated series, “Joker’s Favor”.  She has since gone on to enjoy a career with her own line of comics.

Poison Ivy – Poison Ivy was a student of botanical biochemistry before she became the evil Poison Ivy.  She tends to play both sides against each other by being Batman’s ally and then turning into his enemy.  She has a love/hate relationship with Batman and has claimed to be in love with him on more than one occasion and yet is ready to kill him on others.  Poison Ivy made her first appearance in 1966.

The Riddler – 1948 gave the Riddler his first chance to show off his criminal mastermind ways in an effort to challenge Batman through riddles he would leave at crime scenes.  His real name is Edward Nigma (E-nigma) and is currently using his skills as an investigator for hire instead of being one of Batman Villains.

The Penguin – Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot has been around since late 1941.  He’s a man/penguin with repulsive looks and sports a tuxedo and top hat.  He uses a variety of umbrellas with various weapons to try to surprise Batman.

Other Batman Villains include  Catwoman, Clayface, Anarky and Hugo Strange.  Figures of these villains are high in demand and very collectible whether they are vintage or brand new.  Some Batman fans like to collect a whole series, while others have their favorite villains in their collection. For a Free Batman Villains Collecting Guide visit the site: Batman Villains for a short description and various figures to choose from.

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