Why are we so hard on our brothers and sister

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 06:26:30 PM in Society

Why are we so hard on our brothers and sister

For the most part, human beings are smart enough to understand what it means to be merciful, the only problem is they hardly ever reflect mercy when they need to. The behavior that we show to others is usually tantamount to the way we are brought up and how we see ourselves, unfortunately we hardly ever think that it is time to be merciful when we in fact we should be. While the  community we live in may not require us to be helpful to others, whether we are well off or not there is always something that we can offer to others to help them during their time of difficulty.


Something as simple as offering a word of encouragement to someone who may be down in the dumps due to the untimely loss of a job or a family member, can go a long way to brighten up their day. We should never be ready to pass judgment on someone because they made a poor decision, especially since we never really know when we may be in such a situation ourselves. The environment we live in can seriously affect the way we look at things so we should keep in mind that the same way it affects us, is the same way others can be affected. There are too many people in our society that are being discarded as if they they don't exist, simply because they slipped and made a mistake, these are the times when we should be ready to extend our greatest mercy, also known as forgiveness.

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