Why A Wedding is Exactly Like Fantasy Football

Posted on Dec 4 2012 at 12:38:42 PM in Society & Culture

The other day, my friend and I were driving in my car when we stumbled upon the conversation topic of bridal parties.  She’s 28 and I’m 26 so we are stuck in the twilight zone where it seems that every other weekend either a friend is getting engaged or we’re attending someone’s wedding.  Here is a snippet of our conversation… and let me also preface this by the fact that neither one of us is engaged…

Friend: “Well, I mean who knows… but I don’t actually think that I’d have her be one of my bridesmaids.”

Me:  ”I totally understand.”

Friend: “Omg.. does that make me one of those women?  You know, the one who always thinks about her wedding prematurely?!!”

Me (with only the slightest hesitation): “No! Of course not.”

You see, the truth is I think about my bridal party (e.g. who will be my bridesmaids) all the time.  I think it is some indication of which of my friends is the closest to me (or not).  At least this is what I tell myself.  Regardless, this is what got me to thinking about weddings and what is it about them that makes women go bonkers?  What is it about one day in our lives that drives us to talk about it incessantly, argue with our mothers and scare off men?  And, why can’t men relate to how we feel about it?

Well, to answer the last question, it’s, of course, because men are dumb.  Duh.  Just kidding… kind of.  I think the reason that some men can’t relate to our ‘obsession’ with weddings is because it is so out of the orbit of things that they like to talk and think about that it’s almost as if it’s a foreign language.  So, to break it down for them (and really, let’s be honest, to break it down for myself), I concluded that a wedding is kinda sorta exactly like fantasy football.  

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