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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I wonder one thing. Me and my boyfriend bought a little puppy for about 2 months ago. In last place we lived in, he could stand and bark against, for example, furniture, trees, etc.. One evening when my boyfriend was in the shower, I was in the kitchen, and our dog then began to bark and growl at nothing at all. Admittedly, he wagged his tail at the same time but I do not know. He jumped up and down and around a chair, as if someone was playing with him.

Two weeks ago, we moved into a new appartment.our puppy has not done anything similar in the two weeks we lived here, but last night he did it again.I and my boyfriend was standing washing the dishes and heard the he growled and barked from the living room.

I went out and saw him "playing" the same as he did on the old place.

A night, (have been around 6:00 in the morning) I woke up and it sounded as if someone were to straddle on the bedroom floor, and weighed back and forth, from bone to bone.

The appartment we live in is so old it creaks in the floor when you walk on it. When I woke up and tried to peer into the room it stopped creak and I brought my boyfriend who also said he had heard something. Then when we got up ,I went around on the floor and tried to make it sound the same, but it did not. It did not sound all the same height as it did there at night.

I would love to know who is playing with our dog or what they do, but also who wakes me up in the nights.If Hugo (dog name) found a friend from the other side, okey, but I'll wake up at night feeling terrified,i would be interested to know who it is, at least so I might not need to be afraid.

Evas Response;

There is a man who from the other side who loves animals in your place.He followed you to the second residence but did not ever live in the places himself when he was alive.He was quite young when he died and it is not at all long ago that he did.He had brown medium-length hair and a little short beard and about approximate middlelength (5.11-6).This guy drove a motorbike.

He wish you no harm, but have taken it upon himselve to protect you.He seem to understand that he is dead but do not really want to talk about it . You can tell him if he bothers you at night and that you wish to sleep, he promises to be quiet and go away for a while.He would like to be with you.He teach your dog very much and the dog adores him.He says he had a wife and a baby daughter.

If I understand correctly, he seemed to have followed you from a hospital.He talks about your boyfriend that if he knows who he is.
You've got a ghost on your hands but he is like your guardian and can help you if you just talk to him and you have nothing to fear.

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