Who decides the right and wrong decisions?

Posted on Nov 26 2012 at 08:15:38 PM in Personal

Who decides the right and wrong decisions?

As well as we know our siblings, we are never expected to know everything that they do. There are sure to be times that we agree with their level of thinking, then there are times that we try to get involved in their life as we proceed to convince them that they are wrong.

There may be instances where our experience will give us the advantage in knowing what bad decisions can result from their actions, on the other hand the results that came upon us may not necessarily mean that our siblings will end up traveling on the very same road, after all we may have been unlucky.

The path that we take will likely be different for the most part and while one sibling may be required to work extra hard to put food on the table, another may choose to live the single life and avoid the responsibilities that arise with a family of 5 children and a dog.

This should not mean that we are to be jealous of our siblings, in fact we should be extra supportive. The single sibling may know a thing or two about technology and automotive, whereas the family oriented sibling will be a little more down to earth as they provide an environment for others concerned to appreciate the closeness of a family life.

There is no reason to be obnoxious to your siblings due to jealousy or disappointment, in fact it is our responsibility to make certain that we do everything in our power to ensure a happy environment. We should not allow yourself to build up a resentment, the fact that we are being supportive will only serve to strengthen our resolve.

We should not wait on our siblings to make the first move, especially since that can only promote the further festering of resentment. If things are not going the way they should, we MUST be the bigger one and make the first move, if only for the fact that something has to be done.

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