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Posted on Jun 28 2011 at 05:06:21 PM in Personal

Mae'n rhaid i fi fod yn ofalus achos 'yn arbennig nawr [rwan] r wy'n mynd i ofyn am cymorth wrth y Maerdy i ail-sefydlu'r bar/pub', ond yn y papur newydd Plouye, heb sôn am Plouie, d'oedd dim un gair yn Llydaweg, nous sommes 'occupied territory' ag nerth y propaganda ydy immense; d'oedd person ddim wedi sôn am, neu sylwi'r ffaith. Bon, I just said that the local village newspaper, number 4 didn't have one word of Breton in its entire 8 pages, why? because we have a Lingua Franca (common to all). My complaint to the mayor at the last edition was shrugged off and passed on to the editor who explained to me that he had no-one to help him and that he wasn't from the area! The religious in the village, those of whom are left, now give their saints French names, when I ask for how long they have been referred to as such, the answer is 'forever' without a thought given to their real (historical vernacular) names at all. The irony is that it seems to be only the outsiders who care, generalisation as it may appear, very few locals preside over the movements that concern historical Bretonness; seen from outside, especially from Paris, ironically, it's a huge problem, seen from inside, what problem? in French! (Bit of a de Valera situation; born outside but care more).

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