Who are you expecting at your event

Posted on May 4 2012 at 09:06:56 AM in Organizations

Who are you expecting at your event

No matter what time of the year it is, there is always some reason to think about safety. No I am not talking about safety round the house, although that is something that we should be considering, what I am referring to is safety at public events. For those involved in event management such as throwing a party, you will agree that in order to maintain public safety at your event, a whole lot of crowd control must be put in place.


When you decide to put up barriers or some other method of control like temporary fencing to keep your crowd in line, it usually means that you are expecting huge numbers of traffic and they could possibly get unruly. Then again, when it comes to crowd management it does not necessarily mean that your traffic will be so unruly that you will need to erect safety barriers, in fact, many of today’s event managers have thought in terms of stanchions to keep their crowds under control.


If your event is primarily being played in the outdoors, then things like portable fencing, control barriers and crowd barriers may be the preferred methods. Come to think of it, barrier tape has been used to keep some crowds in line, although it will not do much if they get unruly. Events like trade shows are more inclined to use a velvet rope here and there, along with a few carefully placed barricades , as this has much more of a professional appearance. The bottom line is simple, choose you crowd control based on the crowd your are expecting.

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