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Most of the people prefer to wear white shoes during the summer, but if you have appropriate dress, you can use them every time when you want. Unfortunately, it is too hard to learn how to maintain them. That’s why I consulted with professional cleaners, who shared with me very useful tips.They gave me cleaning advice for every type of shoes, so let’s discover how to clean our lovely white shoes:


Leather shoes - when you are about to wash that kind of shoes cleaners Sw6 recommends using dishwashing detergent. You have to mix it with water and using a clean cloth wipe the marks on the shoes. When you have removed the stains, you have to dry the shoes, otherwise you can ruin them. Your favourite leather sneakers are not so bright as before? Then, you can apply toothpaste and they will shine like new. You have to rub them with a toothbrush and wipe with a clean cloth.


Canvas shoes - fortunately, it is very easy to wash the shoes. You can put them in the washing machine. If you notice too stubborn stains, you have to apply baking soda and rub with a toothbrush. When you have treated them, you can place the shoes in a pillow and then in the laundry machine. It is good to pour some laundry detergent while washing them. It is very important to dry them without using dry machine. Also, try to avoid sunlight. That is the biggest enemy of the white shoes.


Suede shoes - these ones are very “sensitive” and you cannot treat them in every way. First, you have to buy a suede brush, it is the main “cleaning tool”, which will help you to remove the dirt and scum from your shoes. You have to be very careful, when you notice water stains. You have to damp a clean cloth with clean water and wipe the spot, but after that blot with a clean and dry towel. Let them dry outside.


I hope that you liked the article and the cleaning tips are useful. If you want to learn how to clean a dirty carpet from muddy shoes, you can contact with carpet cleaning Fulham.

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