Where to Stay in Batubelig, Seminyak

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Where to Stay in Batubelig, Seminyak

Staying in an elegant tourist hub such as Batubelig in Seminyak District is always pleasant and refreshing. There are always many options of home away from home to choose one from. Let us consider some of them. The first that could be drawing your attention at the first time may be Villa Atas Ombak. This is a property with experienced staff that has been active at least since 1995. The first advantage of this private, three-bedroom villa could be its stunning sunset view that can be enjoyed directly from inside the compound. In addition, the beach is only 100 m away.

For travelers who love contemporary style on their home away from home, Villa Joss is the most recommended property. This Batubelig villa is one of the most luxurious villas in Seminyak area. It features the tropical atmosphere to the very bottom yet at the same time also comes with modern features in full. Paintings and exclusive prints polish the villa, all of them created by household names in art world. The fine art collection is completed with the luxurious entertaining details and facilities such as a big, 12 m swimming pool. It brings guests to reach the optimum relaxation during their stays here.

Parents should choose Villa Kupu-kupu when they have decided to stay in Batubelig, Seminyak. This property offers a true home away from home by optimizing its privacy feature. The most remarkable feature of the property, however, could be its location. It is not easy to find such a place in a location that is close enough to the heart of Seminyak District. While it is also close to the beach, the property encourages guests to go out and meet the local people too besides the fine shopping centers and restaurants that make Seminyak famous among world travelers.

The village of Batubelig, Seminyak, is a quiet village that is not yet spoiled by the growth of the tourism in Seminyak area. As such, this is a perfect place for people who are seeking for a high level of privacy. In addition, it is amazingly very close to the beach. To reach the hidden Batubelig Beach, you will only need to walk three minutes. Inside the compound, it is also pleasant and refreshing as the property features unique, 29 coconut palms. The lawns are vast enough to hold ceremonies and parties amidst green environment of the compound.

There are four bedrooms inside the compound that bears the name Villa Sumba. That makes the property ideal for families and groups of friends. Even when the property is full of guests, the space is still roomy enough to do outdoor activities. And why not try the inviting swimming pool? It gives you the feeling of playing waters amidst a true tropical environment. Luxury is above standard, with each bedroom comes with classic amenities and en-suite bathroom. To keep the Bali atmosphere intact, fine art works and statues polish the villa, producing an intense feeling of Balinese living that is refreshing.

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