Where are the CHP?

Posted on Feb 24 2013 at 02:08:36 PM in Security

Where is Law Enforcement presence on the Southern California freeways these days? I know times are tough, but the safety of citizens who pay their taxes for that safety and security, have a right to expect enforcement of the laws that are in place. We have seen in the news and I personally have seen freeway safety being grossly abused and to be honest, most of the citizenry feel helpless because nothing is being done to prevent it. Which should come as no surprise since government at all levels seems to be asleep at the wheel of late. What do we have to do go out and picket the CHP offices alll the way up the coast of California to get something done about this lax state of law enforcement? Where do we turn to for help without picketing like a bunch of out of control irrational people.

My first issue has to do with safety and vehicles freely traversing the corridor from Mexico to Los Angeles on freeway 5 and then back towards Mexico from LA. These people are out of control with their patched together pick-up trucks loaded beyond full and then some. These "vehicles" are stacked as high as the person in charge can possibly get them in order to maximize their take. They are extremely over-loaded to put it mildly and god only knows if the person behind the wheel has a driver's license. For the driver, its only a matter of getting his load down to Mexico and screw the rules of the road. For the taxpaying citizens who have to adhere to safety regulations because they live here, it could spell disaster for them or their loved ones when the overloaded vehicles suddenly drop items from their payload. I know 'first hand' that it happens all the time since I frequently drive from San Diego to Los Angeles and back. Just one item dropped in a lane at the wrong time could spell disaster for those with the expectation of a relatively safe trip. 

These people should be held to the same standards of responsibility as the citizens who actually have to pay taxes for the roads and law enforcement. Why do we quietly let law enforcement and those with no responsibility toward this country continue with these practices. Everyone is afforded the PRIVILEGE of drivng freely on our freeways and highways, has to play by the rules. This means everyone "including" and especially Mexican drivers hauling and doing business here. Why do we go to all the trouble of getting our licenses, paying road taxes at the pump, and having our cars smog and safety checked, only to have the safety effects of our actions negated by the lawless and irresponsible in search of financial gain. They need to follow suit and meet the standards of safety and responsible driving that everyone else has to meet.

We have seen incidents in the news recently where a tour bus lost control veered across lanes killing many innocent people because it is alleged that it was poorly maintained. Just the other day a bus from down south started smoking and then quickly became completely engulfed in fire as it was parked in Old Town San Diego State Park; as it happened the wedding party carelessly went on with their wedding.

We need to stop this irresponsible neglect and criminal law breaking to keep our streets safe for those who live here. End of story PART 1. Write your representatives if you care.

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