Where are our priorities?

Posted on Jul 15 2012 at 09:02:52 PM in Society

Where are our priorities?

There may be quite a few things that Susan had her fingers in, but spirituality was not one of them. This was and avenue that made her uncomfortable when discussed around her, so much so that when her coworkers at the hospital began talking about the spiritual meaning of what happened with one of their patients, she would quickly exit the room. Susan did not even consider herself as a Christian, so she may not have realized that we are all provided with spiritual gifts to use towards the betterment of those we come in contact with.


Most of us just want to be happy in the things that we do. There is nothing worse than a bad day at the office, which ends up spilling back to our home life and anyone close to us. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “why don’t you leave that on the job?” True happiness is easier to come by than we think, the only problem is that some people would rather avoid it because it involves a lifestyle that is quickly becoming obsolete. We turn to inspirational quotes in the hopes that we can find true happiness, only to find that we are still lacking.


In the same vein, broadband has opened all sorts of doors for us. Users on the Super Highway have grabbed on to this method of accessing information, the only problem is that the information we are grabbing is not always helpful. Our Internet connection is so fast that we can take in that much more information that probably serves no real purpose. There is no time for anything like spirituality, especially since there is usually an Internet WI FI on every corner. We spend more time on the Internet and less time with the things that are meant to take our stress away.


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