When To Buy A New And Used Car

Posted on Jul 14 2012 at 03:16:32 AM in Cars & Vehicles

All right, the day you get a car is undoubtedly a good day and also you must enjoy it. In addition to, in case you are in desperate need for a new car as your old one has broken down horribly or maybe if you would like to commemorate a special day by getting or maybe presenting a vehicle to a person special, then you definately know what the best time is. But, if you're an casual customer who want to save some money by acting smartly then this article gives you some pointers on the best time to get new and used cars. 

Best time of the month:

At the month end, the majority of dealers are desperately striving to fulfill their monthly targets. Thus this is the time, when a lot of dealers are giving discounts and also special incentives to buyers. In case you are actually blessed, you can find excellent discounts, if your sale helps the car dealer to meet up with a target that gives him special rewards. 

Most beneficial time of the year -

Inorder to know the best time of the year for getting car, then end of year, that's over the holidays in November and December is the best time period. Currently, almost all people are busy shopping or maybe holidaying other than the weather is snowy in most region, these factors push the car sales down. Furthermore, a lot of carmakers making the effort to meet up with their sales target, thus at the end of the year most carmakers offer you numerous rewards and also discounts to lure the buyer, which makes it the most rewarding time to get a brand new car.

Inventory clearance -

New models are generally released at the September thus just before September several companies may possibly try to get rid of the old models simply by presenting big deals. But, if for whatever reason, the company states the launch of a new model in June, you are going to get discounts on the old model of the car starting from May. 

Best season to get new cars -

In certain sectors of the car, season may furthermore have an influence on the value of the car. As an example, if you would like get a convertible, then you may be able to get a price advantage in fall and not in spring as most people would be looking for a convertible at that time. 

Best time to get second-hand cars -

Unlike new car, there's no clearly defined best time to get used car. Prices of second-hand cars are determined by the basis of supply and demand. In case the car has a high demand yet low supply, it will command a heavy price. The best way to get price advantage on getting second hand car is to get a car that is in good supply so you can negotiate far better.

Thus there are many factors and seasons that determine the best time of getting a car, though, a good idea is that you use your own judgment to choose the best time for it to get a car. In case you are searching for a car, get it as soon as possible as the price of the car keep on fluctuating because of various factors, who knows that wait may not actually pay off. Thus get a car whenever you want, try to negotiate as much as possible, yet at the end of the deal always be happy since it is the car you need to enjoy not the deal. For further info Click Here.

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